Bento # 77 – Shaun the sheep Onigiri

I love watching Shaun the sheep,  I found the 3D animation  really excellent and each short story is very entertaining. Therefore it is not a surprise that Shaun the sheep was one among many favorite theme that I  attempt to make  in my earlier Bento making stage (Bento #3 and Bento #4), and when I look back at the photos, I can’t help but laugh at my self on ambitious I was and how messy were those bento.

So today I am practicing again for Shaun the sheep but I choose a safer and basic method , simple Onigiri. Another reason of choosing Onigiri was also to show off my new pink Onigiri box 🙂

My Onigiri were stuffed with Ume furikake and for the side dish, I have extra meat loaf, fried lotus root, broccoli and edamame.

Bento # 77 – Shaun the Sheep Onigiri

I made extra nori Onigiri for Eryn, she turn 4 years old yesterday. She is a big fan of Shaun the sheep and had been asking her mum to get her Shaun the sheep cake for her birthday party this coming Saturday.

Being  a good auntie, I thought to cheer and brighten her day by sending her  Shaun the Sheep onigiri for lunch today.

Bento # 77 – Shaun the Sheep for kids


28 thoughts on “Bento # 77 – Shaun the sheep Onigiri

  1. They are so cute!!!
    I wish I had your talent!
    I’d love to try ume furikake but I don’t think I can get it where I live 😦
    Can’t wait to see your future posts!

    • Hi, thanks for the compliment. Have you try any Asian mart or groceries store for the Ume furikake? I guess I am quite lucky that the city where I live have few Korean and Japanese mart with good range of products. Cheers.

      • Yeah sadly the Asian supermarkets in my city tend to be really small and only sell Chinese food and ingredients. Who knows I may find a place that sells them, wish me luck 🙂

      • Oooh I see, hmm probably you may want to buy online but I guess the shipping cost itself will be higher than the furikake itself. Alternate way is to make your own furikake, I saw have some recipe for bento stash and homemade furikake 🙂

      • I would love to make my own furikake ( I love DIY in almost every sense)
        But getting the ingredients is just as hard sadly.
        I could always try making my own umeboshi ( although I would have to use english plums and not the proper ume )

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