Bento # 166 – The Mermaid Bento

This is the bento I made for my submission to BentoandCo 2013 bento contest, unfortunately  and embarrassingly I did not make it even to the final which mean I have to sharpen my skills and try harder next year.

In compliance with contest theme of Pasta, the mermaid bento was made with 3 types of pasta, for the base was brown butter tagliatelle and then some aglio olio shell pasta and lastly wholemeal spaghetti for the mermaid’s hair.  Eby fry for the body and spam for the face and body.

Bento # 166 - Mermaid Bento

Bento # 166 – Mermaid Bento

Ganbateeee….. practice more for next year 😀

Bento # 165 – Porridge Bento (day2)

Day 2 of flu and another porridge with different ingredients for lunch.

By the way in the case if you wonder, I had the same stuff for dinner but I did not decorate or make them into bento 🙂

Bento # 165 - Porridge Bento (day2)

Bento # 165 – Porridge Bento (day2)

Today Bento have some sauteed mushroom and another bunch of spinach and quail egg,  some onion crisps and salted fish to enhance the taste.

Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento

Down with flu and comfort food is porridge but then flu and porridge won’t stop me from having fun with my food. So today I present you my very first bento made out of porridge.

I added steamed corn and spinach and soya sauce to decorate my plain porridge, also something looks like bear steamed cake (bought from nearby bakery) to beautify my bento.

Bento # 164 - Porridge Bento

Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento

Bento # 161 – Happy Sailing Day Bento

Initially I made this bento for participating in Bento&Co contest but after looking at the photo I felt it was rather lame and too simple and not meet up to the standard.  So I decided not to send it for participation and will try to make others.

Nevertheless I really like this bento,  A bunny happily sailing and enjoying  sunny day.

I use 2 type of pasta, the wholemeal spaghetti and the standard spaghetti  to create the wave/sea,  sausage for the boat and bunny bento pick.  A fried quail egg for happy sun and carrot for seagulls and fishes. And of course the Indonesia flag to represent the nationality of the bunny in the case she get lost in the sea.

Bento # 160 -Happy Sailing Day Bento

Bento # 161 – Happy Sailing Day Bento

But wait… what was that at the bottom of the sea? An ancient fish fossil? A sea monster lurking in the deep sea? Another Hollywood box office about monster attack?

Well I leave it to your imagination then 😀

Bento # 160 – Sharks Bento

My very first memory of shark  always link to the “Jaws” movie.  Sharks were evil and scary and  I remember as a child being scared of sea after watching the movie. And the the second most memorable  thing about shark was  “ Fish are friends, not food” (anyone remember this quote?) LOL….

Today bento featuring the predator of the sea made of sausages wrapped with nori and decorated with cheese placed on portion of brown butter tagliatelle. For side dish I have grilled chicken and few strawberries.

Bento # 160 - Sharks Bento

Bento # 160 – Sharks Bento

I try to cut the sharp teeth out of cheese but somehow they keep crumbling and falling when I try to stick them on the sausages so I gave up and let my sharks look solemn without the scary sharp teeth. Nevertheless I still think they look kind of intimidating.

Do you think kids will love to eat sharks bento?

Happy Tuesday all …

Bento course

It’s been a while since the last time I gave a bento course and last weekend I gave another batch for smaller group.

I am very proud of these ladies, for their dedication , one of them actually live outside Jakarta and she drove early in the morning to pick up her friend and then arrived punctually at my place, matter of fact they arrived earlier than the set schedule but that’s ok because  I always appreciate people whom value time and be punctual (better be early than late).

We spend a very productive 3 hours for breakfast bento made out of bread and lunch bento made of rice. Below please find the ladies  with their cute bentos.

From L to R (Ms. Lies, Ms. Reta, Ms. SL).


And of course the cute bento…


Good luck ladies… looking forward for more bentos for your children 🙂

More photos of each individual bento

DSC07028  DSC07030  DSC07032

DSC07033  DSC07036  DSC07038

DSC07037  DSC07025

Bento # 148 – Lions bento

This year I did not managed to  make any bento with the Chinese New Year theme, so to compensate my lack of creative I decided to deconstruct the Chinese New Year cakes into bento.

The Lion’s heads  were of roll cake decorated with cheese, while for the body I use marble cake (I love how the texture of the marble cake looks perfect for the lion’s body and the paws , especially the Lion at the bottom part) .

Those stripes looks cakes were Kue Lapis (aka Layered Cake)  is one of the most to have cake for Chinese New Year and a quite popular cake in Indonesia. It tooks lots of time and effort to bake the cakes layer by layer.

I choose and cut  the different color/darker layer of the  layered cake to make the facial expression of the Lions.

Bento # 148 - Lion bento

Bento # 148 – Lions bento


Wish you a prosperous and blessed Snake Year Ahead.

Gong Xi Fa Cai…

Xin Nian Kuai Le…

Bento # 139 – Birdie bento

Anyone remember the rice cake bento that I made in the earlier day?

Bento # 47 - Three little girls Bento

Well today is another Bento with the same ingredients (they were an Indonesian traditional dish called Lontong sayur that I bought at nearby eating place). Lontong means  rice cake , and sayur is veggie. As you can see from the photo, the rice cake have few ingredients such as chilli fried tempe (Soybean cake), chilli nuts and chille potato sticks (underneath the rice cake).

Lontong sayur  come with a gravy of chilli coconut milk cooked with jackfruit (I put the gravy in separate thermal flask and it was not in the photo.

Bento # 139 - Birdie bento

Bento # 139 – Birdie bento

Cut the beak from carrot  and then cut nori with scissor to make the wings and the feathers on the head. (what do you call the feather on top of bird’s head in English?)  I know in Indonesia it’s called “Jambul” but I am not sure how to call them in English 🙂

Happy Friday  all.

Bento # 137 – Little Birdie Bento

My friend Ms. Tiek, set me a target  of 250 bentos in 2013 in her New Year greetings. Hmmm… I am not sure on why 250 but instead of questioning her I just embrace the challenge. Hopefully by end of 2013  I will be able to post my #386 bentos (136 in 2012 + 250 in 2013).

Today bento is a late post  of my yesterday lunch, few homemade bitterballlen  placed on top of small portion of aglio olio angel hair pasta.

Bento # 137 - Little Birdie Bento

Bento # 137 – Little Birdie Bento

I love the breadcrumbs texture , they made the impression of soft furs of  just hatched  birdie and just right theme as the beginning of my 1st bento in 2013.

I also add some  bonito flakes to enhance the look of the bird nest.

Cheers 😀