Lotus root/Renkon salad

This is a scheduled post, currently I am away for vacation therefore sorry for any late response on comment.

Since I start doing bento, Lotus root had become a staple in my kitchen however the challenge with this unique ingredient is you can’t buy them in small qty.

A piece of Lotus root is big enough for  several times bento side dish where in most of the case the rest of them are turn into my favorite snack Lotus root chips until a friend of mine told me about this Lotus root salad.  She doesn’t give me the exact measurement of the recipe, it was based on your own sense and taste , I tried to make it and I love it.

This is my result (I am running out of ham, so I only use 1 slice, ideally I will add more ham into the salad)

Lotus root salad

Ingredients :

  • 1/4 – 1/2 lotus root depending on the size, slice thinly and immediately soaked them into salted/ vinegar water.
  • 1/2 medium size cucumber,   cut into 2 sides, de-seed and sliced thinly and soaked them into cold salted water
  • 1-2 slices of ham, cut into small long  pieces
  • 1 to 2 table spoon vinegar
  • Pinch of Sugar to taste
  • Pinch of Salt to taste
  • Mayonnaise to taste


  1. Boiled a pot a water  mix with  vinegar inside and cook the lotus root for few minutes, drain and cool under running /ice water, drain and set aside.
  2. Wipe the sliced cucumbers and lotus roots with paper towel and toss them into salad bowl, add the sugar and salt and mayonaise, then the ham.
  3. Mix well and let them chill in the fridge.
  4. Keep the salad in clean container for bento stash or stock – max 3 days

Apple Raisin Salad (Korean banchan)

I was inspired to make this salad after last night dinner at Korean restaurant where they serve this apple raisin salad as one of the banchan (side dish).

Apple Raisin salad

Ingredients :

  • 2 red apples – cut into cubes and toss into cold salted water
  • 1 cucumber – remove the seeds and cut into small pieces
  • A bunch of green seedless apple
  • one small box of raisins
  • mayonnaise (I happen to have the Korean brand mayo)
  • 1/2 table spoon sugar (optional) – I like a little sweet on my salad
  • 1/2 table spoon ice water

Steps :

  1. soaked apple cubes into cold salted water for 3 minutes to maintain apple’s colors and freshness, drain and wipe gentle with paper towel.
  2. in a salad bowl , mix sugar, mayonnaise and ice water, stir until sugar dissolved and then tossed into the bowl the rest of  other ingredients
  3. mix until all ingredients coated with mayonnaise.
  4. chill in the fridge




Veggie Fruit Salad

When I was young, I don’t eat Western salad.

Being raised in a strong Chinese culture where daily meals were mostly Chinese food, Western salad was  kind of an alien to our family ( those with Mayo/Thousand island/Blue Cheese dressing). In Chinese food there are few type of salad called or served as cold platter.

Upon growing up and widen my eating and cultural experience ,  I realized that many of those food that I ate was actually considered as salad,especially when I try to translate  the name into English.

Nevertheless the salad I am posting today is a modification of the western and japanese salad.

It has creamy texture, sweet , fresh and taste the best if you served it cold.

Ingredients :

  • 1 Canned fruit (I always love to use longans, if you like you can substitute with Del Monte fruit cocktail or any other canned fruits such as lychees, peaches, grapes, pineapples), just remember to cut them into moderate sizes that is not too chunky.
  • 150 ml  mayonnaise
  •  1 Cucumber -> take out the seeds & cut into small cubes
  • 1 Carrot -> boiled till soft & cut into small cubes
  • 1 fresh Apple -> cut into small cubes
  • 1 Potato -> boiled till soft & cut into small cubes
  • 2-3 leaves of lettuces -> cut into smaller size ( around 2 cm width)


Steps :

1) Drain the canned fruit and cut fruits into smaller size (don’t throw the juices away, set aside)

2) Mix Mayonnaise with the 3 table spoon  juices from the canned fruit (you may add a little sugar if you like)

3) Mix all ingredients into salad bowl and mix well.

4) Put into refrigerator and serve when it is cold.

Notes :

If you are making in bigger portion and plan to keep for  more than 1 times meal, then separate the lettuce and only mix upon serving to avoid the lettuce become soggy.

Peppermint and Shrimp Salad

It is my mum recipe.

I still can remember the first time  I ate this salad when I was still in elementary school, my first experience eating  peppermint and immediately I fall in love with it.

Ingredients :

A bunch of peppermint leaves (stems down in a glass of water , keep them in refrigerator for at least 1 hour)

Some amount of shrimp, cooked in boiled water for 1 minute

2  chilli padi

2 lime (press the juice)

2 table spoon of fish sauce

1/2 lemongrass (chopped finely)

Steps :

Mix all ingredients in salad bowl, serve cool.


Japanese potato salad

I always love potato… and cool Japanese potato salad is one among many ways to enjoy potato.

It is simple to make and definitely refreshing with its light creamy flavor

Ingredients :

– 3 to 4 medium potatoes , scrubbed.

– 1 small carrot

– 1 small cucumber

– 3 eggs

– salt & pepper (you may add some Parmesan cheese as your liking)

– Japanese mayonnaise

Steps :

1) Boil the potatoes with their skins until tender (you can poke a fork or skewer though one to test the tenderness)

2) Boil the carrot unpeeled in the same pot.

3) Boil the eggs until hard boiled (you can put everything in the same pot)

4) While waiting for the potatoes, prepare the cucumber , take out the seeds and slice thinly, sprinkle with little of salt, squeeze and set a side to get rid of the juices.

5) Take out the carrot from pot, peel while still hot and slice in small pieces, sprinkle with a little of salt, squeeze and set a side.

6) Peel the potatoes while still hot, cut into 2 and smash it while still hot , it is up to you liking to decide if you want a soft and finely smashed and leave few chunks for textures. Toss with a little salt and pepper, set aside and leave to cool.

7) Peel the hard boiled eggs and chop finely (you may set a side some portion in slices and garnish the potato salad if you like)

8) When potatoes , carrot, cucumber has cooled to room temperature, mix everything in salad bowl, mix in mayonnaise, add in chopped boiled eggs, mix well.

9) Cool in the refrigerator and after a while ( about 1 hr).

10 ) Garnish as your liking and enjoy 🙂

Note : You may also add few sliced ham into the potato salad if you like.

And if you have any left overs, you can try the potato salad recipe in separate post.