Photo post of my one week Chiffon Cake Challenge

Last week I set myself a challenge to daily bake different type of chiffon for one week.

And below I proudly present 7 type of delicious  chiffon by Rabbitcanbake

Please click each title for link to recipe.

Chiffon # 01 : Green tea Soya Chiffon – for those who prefer the healthier type

Green tea soya chiffon1

Green tea soya chiffon

Chiffon # 02 : The Cheesy Cheddar Chiffon – for cheese lover

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon1

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon

Chiffon # 03 : The Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon – for corn lover

Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon3

Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon

Chiffon # 04 : The Local famous Black Glutinous Chiffon (Chiffon Ketan Hitam/Pulut Hitam)

Black Glutinous Chiffon2

Black Glutinous Chiffon

Chiffon # 05 : Black Sesame Chiffon – something Asian and unique?

Black Sesame Chiffon3

Black Sesame Chiffon

Chiffon #06 : Three flavors chiffon  – Can’t decide on what do you want, why don’t have all in the same cake?

3 flavors chiffon cake1

3 flavors chiffon cake


Chiffon # 07 : Cranberries Chiffon – Perfect for summer.

Cranberries Chiffon Cake2

Cranberries Chiffon Cake

That’s conclude my one week chiffon challenge and the good thing of baking and eating chiffon is they have lesser fat compare to other type of cake, hence no need to worry about diet.


Minions attack

A photo post of minion roll baked by the rabbit  at

Minion in box

Anyone notice the cute little round creatures in cupcake size? Well they were Japanese deco steam cake the rabbit been wanting to make  for long and upon seeing the famous Singapore Bento master , Ms. Shirley from littlemissonigiri   posted hers, the rabbit decided to copy Ms. Shirley’s idea.

And of course rabbit’s steam cake were not as good as hers. as you can see there were only 2 cakes in the photos which mean the rest of the batch were not good enough to be displayed :) nevertheless they taste good and rest well in rabbit’s belly.


Happy mid week all….

Sharing my very first professional baking course

I finally completed my cake foundation course it was fun and useful and I got to make a lot of new friends in the class.

Sharing some of what I’ve learned during the 1 month course. The course itself were divided into 4 session and it was started with everything about Butter Cake where we learn to make Walnut cake, Sunflower chocolate cupcake and Easy Marble Cake.

This was my result  during the hands on in the class, photo taken with my phone during the class ( the one in aluminum foil tray was walnut cake).

butter cake

Separately we were given some home work to practice on our own at home and I was quite happy that I passed most of the homework,  all my homework baking turn out well . Below were the result : Prune Butter Cake, Cheesecake and another basic marble cake recipe. I love doing the homework  (not that I am a diligent student but more to the opportunity to take better picture for my photo collection)

Prune Butter cake1   Prune Butter Cake4   Butter Cheese Cake   Butter Cheese Cake4

Since I love the prune butter cake recipe so much, I experiment by substitute the prune with cranberries and they taste great. More over the red baking cup were in compliments with the cranberries.

Cranberries Cake   Cranberries Butter Cake3

I also have fun playing with the marble cake recipe and so glad I got to use my new paw shape silicon mold

ABC marble5  Basic marble6  Basic marble3


Second lesson were all about chiffon and this was really challenging, quoting the instructor’s word “Chiffon cake is easy to make but hard to master”. Below were the result from the hands on in classes  , panda chiffon cake, golden citrus chiffon and banana chiffon. This time I brought back my cake and cut them in the next morning for better photo taking and photo results.

Pandan Chiffon Cake2   Pandan Chiffon

Golden Citrus Chiffon Cake   Banana Chiffon Cake

My lecturer also said that her professor during her training and course in U.S said that one have to practice making 800 times of Chiffon before able to master it. And it was true indeed because  unlike the butter cake , I failed my first attempt of homework in the chiffon. The cake did not rise much. I need to practice again and remade (but I was rather discouraged and lazy to remake them).  Chiffon cake was my fave and they were several cake shop in Jakarta which sell very good chiffon, which was kind of the excuses I told myself that I can easily buy really yummy chiffon instead of having to go through the trouble of making them (not good student at all, right?)

Third lesson was swissroll and I was very excited because despite my  many encounter making swissroll I only ever made one type of recipe with some modification in flavors and  patterns and I am eager to learn more on different technique and recipe.

Below were what we learn in the classes : Rainbow roll with little mices as decoration (the photo were the result of the instructor’s, not mine).

Rainbow swill roll CCI

My hands on during the classes were unsuccessful. First I forgot to flip my rainbow and resulted to me putting the cream on the good layer which supposed to be the outer side of the roll, just realized about this when my partner raise this up while me already spreading  cream to half roll.  Then when it comes to the tiger roll, my tiger roll skin did not crumpled as it supposed to be. I did not take the photo of my failed result because I quickly eat and finish them to get rid of the evidence.

After the failure in class I remake the swiss rolls again at home and they turn out to be okay.

Rainbow Roll Cake   Tiger Roll

My rainbow roll was nice and soft  though my tiger roll skin was a little bit thick due to I don’t have the same size  tin with those required in the recipe (rather than end up with buying too many tins I decided to use the slightly smaller size that I have at home) , well I guess I can always called my tiger roll as chubby or fatty tiger roll J

The last session which was the graduation session was about Sponge cake, we were given 3 recipe to make and the chef show us how to do simple decoration.

Below were my results : Black forest cake, Sweetcorn fudge cake and Pandan Kaya Cake.

Black forest1   Pandan Kaya Cake Sweetcorn fudge cake1

And if you wonder why the decoration in the sweetcorn and pandan cake were different in the 2 sides, it was because we ere paired in class and each recipe ingredients were for 1 cake only, so after the baking and assembling,  me and my partner did our own decoration. Can any of you tell which part were mine?

Anyway these are how the cake looks inside after I cut them i the next morning.

Black forest3   Pandan Kaya cake3   Sweetcorn fudge cake4

Well this is the end of foundation course and I am planning to take the intermediate course which will start in September. Until then I guess I have to keep baking and trying new recipe and hopefully did not end up as a fat and chubby rabbit due to eating too many sweet cakes.


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