Photo post of my one week Chiffon Cake Challenge

Last week I set myself a challenge to daily bake different type of chiffon for one week.

And below I proudly present 7 type of delicious  chiffon by Rabbitcanbake

Please click each title for link to recipe.

Chiffon # 01 : Green tea Soya Chiffon – for those who prefer the healthier type

Green tea soya chiffon1

Green tea soya chiffon

Chiffon # 02 : The Cheesy Cheddar Chiffon – for cheese lover

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon1

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon

Chiffon # 03 : The Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon – for corn lover

Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon3

Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon

Chiffon # 04 : The Local famous Black Glutinous Chiffon (Chiffon Ketan Hitam/Pulut Hitam)

Black Glutinous Chiffon2

Black Glutinous Chiffon

Chiffon # 05 : Black Sesame Chiffon – something Asian and unique?

Black Sesame Chiffon3

Black Sesame Chiffon

Chiffon #06 : Three flavors chiffon  – Can’t decide on what do you want, why don’t have all in the same cake?

3 flavors chiffon cake1

3 flavors chiffon cake


Chiffon # 07 : Cranberries Chiffon – Perfect for summer.

Cranberries Chiffon Cake2

Cranberries Chiffon Cake

That’s conclude my one week chiffon challenge and the good thing of baking and eating chiffon is they have lesser fat compare to other type of cake, hence no need to worry about diet.


15 thoughts on “Photo post of my one week Chiffon Cake Challenge

    • Hahaha… you are right, from all of them , I love the green tea soya and the black glutinous version the most, follow by the 3 flavors 🙂
      Here, have a virtual slice 🙂

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