This page contain random photos of my baking result, posted at rabbitcanbake

If you are interested to know more , kindly visit and follow by clicking the link above.


Double minions  Teddy Bears rolls

Tuesday order  Ballon air and strawberries in boxes

Widi's order  Tania's order

Animal print's rolls  Cici's Order CW's order  Elinda's order Hanny's order  Hany's order HH's order  Japanese Carps order Limin's order  Mum's bday souvenirs Mum's order  Photo with RCB label Rainbow swiss roll in box  Souvenir1 Souvenir2  Sunday's order Sunday's order1  Susan's order  Tiek's Order  Wid's order  WL's order  YnK's order YW's order

Piggy in mud kitkat cake2   Piggy in mud kitkat cake3

Japanese Cheesee Cake6   Japanese Cheesee Cake8

Almond Tuile3  Sunny side up cupcake7

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