Bento # 78 – The Hulk bento (Superhero series)

If you don’t read the title of the post, do you recognize it as The Hulk?

It was kind of hard to create a similar expression to The Hulk, all the images from Marvel comics show him in angry mood (well of course he had too be angry otherwise the nice doctor won’t turn to Hulk), the point is  angry expression means big mouth with row of teeth and kind of growling expression and when I try to recreate that from cheese and nori, it turn out  like a clown. Sobs…

And after few attempts, I gave up. This is the best I can  came with so I hope you do think he looks more like Hulk rather than Frankenstein.

Bento # 78 – The Hulk Bento

I use green bellpepper for the Hulk , place him on top of prawn fried rice, side dish is sunny side up. I posted this after I finish the bento and when I relook at the photo then I realized that if I spend more effort to make his upper body part, probably it will give me a better result 🙂

Anyway thanks to Joanna from for the Hulk idea 🙂

Happy weekend all…





6 thoughts on “Bento # 78 – The Hulk bento (Superhero series)

  1. I like this bento thing more and more! I guess it’s time to try it, too…
    But I usually eat at home and hardly ever have to take food with me these days 😉
    Which is a good thing… but bad for bento!

    • Yes I think you should try making bento, it is fun. And you know what? Sometimes I work at home and yet I still put my lunch in bento box and decorate them so I can control my lunch portion as well as play with my food 😉

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