Bento # 175 – Panda onigiri Bento

Yesterday was the first day of me going  back to gym for morning exercise after a very very long   (like forever) break. And as the result I slept like a baby and woke up this morning feeling energized (though my whole body was  bit sore).

Since I have  plenty of time I decided to make myself  bento for lunch.  Initially I plan to make something with the gym/exercise theme but nothing came out so I switch to something simple and easier, the classic panda onigiri.

Bento # 175 - Panda Bento

Bento # 175 – Panda Bento

I stuffed the panda with chopped BBQ roasted pork  (yesterday left over) and add few romaine lettuce and Chinese Xiang Chang sausage in the box and as a dessert/ afternoon snack I  pack piece of steam black glutinous rice cake with coconut.

Happy Monday all!

Wish you have a great week ahead.


Bento # 171 – Little mice bento

A rather gloomy Tuesday and I decided to turn my lunch into bento despite the lack of ingredients. Situation  like this  remind me to make a good use of many of my new and un-used bento tools/accesories.

Bento # 171 - Little Mice bento

Bento # 171 – Little Mice bento

Today lunch consist of 2 rice balls decorated with cheese and nori and bento picks for the hats, few pieces of the freshly baked blueberry almond cake decorated with bento picks (music notes) , a portion of mushroom stir fry and few pieces of fried chicken wings.

Separately I pack a set of similar bento for my friend too Ms. HH, she is a big fan of mushroom and I hope the lunch can cheer up her up.

Happy Tuesday all.

Bento # 168 – Lazy Snoppy Bento


Today Bento is copying Snoopy’s famous pose, lazying for the afternoon 🙂

Bento # 168 - Lazy Snoopy Bento

Bento # 168 – Lazy Snoopy Bento

As the substitute of the dog house I use Menchi Katsu, which is minced meat stuffed in the Aburaage (tofu pocket).  While for the rice I use 2 type, fried rice as the base and white rice for Snoopy.

Happy Friday All.

Bento # 163 – Snoopy Bento

Snoopy is a good friend and had been with me for many years and I always wanted to make Bento with Snoopy theme.


After months of waiting, finally Snoopy got to have his place in RCC gallery of bento 🙂

Did you notice they are 2 Snoopy in the bento? Well the one in the white box was not my creation, it was bought out chocolate bun from nearby bakery and I think it will be good to add him as snack. My Snoopy is made of rice decorated with nori (eyes, ear and mouth) and black bean (nose), for the side dish I have crispy chicken katsu and sauteed baby potatoes. By the way  the red things in the upper box are jambu air aka rose apple.

Bento # 163 - Snoopy Bento

Bento # 163 – Snoopy Bento

Happy Monday all…

Bento #157 – Easter Bunnies Bento

A late post of my Easter Bento, created and eaten on Mar 30, 2013 🙂

I’ve been planning to make at least one Easter theme bento since my last post on Doraemon bento and was a bit distracted with too many ideas scattered in my mind.  So last week ago when I received a surprise gift  of pair of very cute wooden set rabbit as well as a lovely spring theme cooking apron from Ms. Tiek, I decided to use the image of the rabbits as my bento.

The rabbits were made of fried rice decorated with carrot and nori and  together with it I add one sunny side up as some bitternut crackers.

Bento #157 - Easter Bunnies Bento

Bento #157 – Easter Bunnies Bento

Happy Belated Easter all…

Bento # 138 – Mr & Mrs Hippo Bento

I just watch Madagaskar 3  on DVD last night and it inspired me for today bento.

I did made lion, giraffe, zebra bento before but I never made a Hippo bento. So today I present you Mr & Mrs Hippo (did not resemble Gloria nor Moto Moto though) 🙂 The side dish in the box were oyster sauce braised tofu and fried chicken fillet.

Bento # 138 -  Mr & Mrs Hippo Bento

Bento # 138 – Mr & Mrs Hippo Bento

Next in the thing to do will be the penguin 🙂

Happy Wednesday 🙂

Bento # 127 – Boys in costumes Bento

I am experimenting with abura age and today bento supposedly to be boys in funny hat or animal costume. After finishing the bento, I think they  looks more to  seal and  bear wearing cute hat . Anyway I will just treat them as boys in cute costumes bento.

For the brown bear I mix rice with light soya sauce while for the seal I stuffed pork floss inside the rice , for additional snacks I have 2 pieces of Chinese Shumai, a portion of kimchi and a portion of apple salad.

Bento # 127 - Boys in costumes Bento

Bento # 127 – Boys in costumes Bento

Happy Wednesday all !