My Bento tools, accessories and books – updated Dec 2012

My Bento box collection  from December 2011 to Dec 2012

When I first start Bento making, I thought that  microwavable Lock&Lock box was sufficient and good enough, don’t need  fancy boxes. However the more I learn about Bento making, the harder for me to resist the urge to buy assorted type of lunch box  for me to experiment with.

I guess you all know for now that I am big fan of rabbit , can’t resist the urge to bring home those rabbit theme boxes 🙂

My Rabbit bento boxes collection

Don’t you love the colors? and if you scroll down to read post#5 and post#03,  you will see slight differences in the photo 🙂

Yes, I gradually adding my collection 🙂

My Colorful Bento boxes Collection

Another batch of cute Bento boxes and I am looking forward to add more animal shape boxes

My others Cute Bento boxes

A collection of larger size and Tier boxes

Large size and Tier Bento boxes

Yay…more new boxes,  now I have more Piggy collection and I love the Chocolate shape boxes, they came in a set of 4 various sizes, what a treat.

My latest bento boxes collection

And the numbers keep counting, never get enough of Bento box and tools. Below was my 1st online purchase from Bento&Co.

New collection, 1st online purchase from Bento&Co

My Puncher collection

After a while I noticed that the puncher from Disney collection have a better quality than the other puncher. The Disney is sharper and the way the construct the blade made it cut nicely and you won’t experience the situation where your Nori was stuck inside the puncher.

Those 2 on the left are those from Disney (Winnie The Pooh and General shape cutter) which I used the most now a days. The three punchers on the top right side was the set of 3 (one among my very first bento tools). The other 3 on the left second row was those I bought from Daisho (Japanese 200 Yen store) and the other 3 flower shape punchers were the collection from my former craft hobbies (feel good that I still keep and able to make use of them). The last but not the least, the smallest at the bottom was the puncher from quail egg shaper/cutter set (also one among my very first bento tools).

My puncher collection

Other tools : Alphabets and Numbers cutter  and other useful vegetable cutter and scissors my from other craft hobby


This is how I store and organize my tools


New bento tools to add into the collection – my October shopping result 🙂

I had been eyeing on the Marie set with puncher since few months ago but I decided not to buy until  I managed to organize my  new kitchen and bento tools. But you know what? Today when I decided to buy, the price had been increasing by almost USD 5, previous price that I remember was IDR 175,000/ approx USD 19 ( exc rate 1 USD = IDR 9,250)  and today price is IDR 225,000/approx USD 23.6  ( exc rate 1 uSD = IDR 9,500).

Yes bento tools can be rather expensive here because they are limited and only few store imported them in addition with the weakening of local currency.

Anyway I am happy with my shopping loots, I got new puncher set with the 2 molds (I love the puncher because it have few unique shapes that will come in handy), it is always easier to rely on puncher rather than cutting them using scissor.

I also got  three new sets of veggie/cheese cutter, new stock for Onigiri wrap, and a set of animal shape stencil sheet and 3  new sets of  bento picks


On top of that I also got 2 new bento boxes, the pink piggy and the 2 Tier what they said as Sponge bob bento box (but on top of color , nothing much of it resembling Sponge Bob, but since I like the color then its ok to buy). I also bought 2 sets of disposable bento boxes in the case if I make bento for friends, they both come in M size and the paper lunch box come in a set of 3 while the pink one with transparent cover come in a set of 2 pieces


My new batch of bento tools from Singapore

Hiyaaa … another post of Bento tools that I bought from my vacation at Singapore.  I got this loot from 2 sources ,

The $2 Daiso  in Singapore and  the kitchenware section at Takashimaya Dept Store.  Though IDR had been depreciating against SGD, still the Daiso price which is SGD $2 /item  is much cheaper compare to the one in Indonesia. In Jakarta each item cost IDR 22,000  , price is higher by 37.5% (approx SGD $2.75 with exc rate 1SGD = IDR 8,000). Shopping at Daiso resulted to 6 items  : 2 set of leaves shape stainless cookie cutter, 2 pieces/set  (which is just right in time for any autumn/fall bento theme), another  set of cookie cutter  in some basic shape,  also sakura silicone baran, music note pick ,and set of plastic food container in triangle, round and square shape

While those from Takashimaya Dept store resulted  tos : set of veggie  silicone cup, set of fruits silicone cup. Seems that the bento tools in the dept store are from CasaBento, I noted they place a small signage with Casabento logo  in the corner where I found these cups. I had been eying to buy silicone cup for a while and so happy to find it , now I don’t have to worry and keep replenishing my lettuce stock.  Did you notice the lettuce and apple cup used in #101 – Molang the fat rabbit bento?

Another bento tools loot from Spore trip

So happy…. I think I have enough of tools to last me till my next 100s bento.

Lets see if I can stay discipline not to buy more until my #200 bento…hmmm nope probably until #150 bento 😀

Early Christmas Present to myself

Christmas came early and I am giving myself an early Christmas present , some bento related items.

What I got for myself  :

  • 4 pieces of Bento boxes , the classic Japanese style  with Kimono pattern,   my very first aluminium bento box in Totoro theme , a set of the  Oyaku Kuro Demekin (the gold fish which actually come in a set of 2 boxes, the standard as seen in the photo and another smaller one inside) ,   also  Little pink pig Onigiri box
  • 3 sets of bento picks
  • 1 box of wax paper.

I am so excited and started to wonder how my holidays or Christmas theme bento will look like in those lovely boxes.



16 thoughts on “My Bento tools, accessories and books – updated Dec 2012

  1. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy because I keep telling him when we go to Japan in January I’m going to buy SO many bento things. I think he doesn’t believe me but I will make extra room in my bag to carry all of them home!!! :0

    • Hahaha I can tell your BF you are not crazy because you are not the only one with the plan to shop for Bento stuff in Japan, me myself had been trying to convince myself for the need to take another Japan trip just for bento stuff 🙂
      And I suggest you to get extra luggage, bag might not be enough 🙂

  2. I understand, and I won’t even start! I was that way when I made a lot of candy and cakes.I STILL have all my tools, but even after I gave up the bakery, I still made quite a bit.I guess I feel that I will again. Your collection is fantastic…and I am a bit jealous!
    They pay off in your capable, artistic hands.

    • Awww… thank you.
      I have a confession to make, upon organizing my tools I just realized I have more than I need and have lots of un-used bento picks and tools 😦
      This is to remind me to not to be so impulsive in buying things 🙂

  3. I have to stay away from cooking tool areas myself!(You have NO IDEA how many Christmas-themed cupcake papers I found stashed away and how many pastry tips I have that I have not used in many years….if ever!

  4. Hello, Rabbit! I was so surprised when I opened my blog. Thank you for nominating and I am so happy as this is my first nomination. I don’t now what to say anymore, haha! This made my day. Thanks a lot.

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