Bento # 04 : Shirley the Sheep Bento

As promised , I am back again with another Shaun the Sheep theme and this time I try to make the 3D version and the munching machine Shirley the Sheep  as the center of attraction accompanied by Shaun the Sheep  and Bitzer the dog.

Still a challenge to wrap nori to quail eggs to make the face and the ears. I learn a trick to use mayonnaise to stick all the decorative as as ears, eyes.

The funny part was when I finishing Bitzer’s ears and I turn to see the overall results ,it turn out that I lost Shirley’s eyes and I crack her hair (the cloud shape cheese), so I have to re do the whole things again.

I am quite happy with my Sheeps however I don’t think that my Bitzer looks really like the real Bitzer.

What’s in the box :

  • 2 white rice balls-> for the sheeps, bigger ball for Shirley.
  • 2 quail eggs wrapped with Nori -> for the sheep’s face.
  • 2 soya rice balls + a little of eggs rice balls -> to make Bitzer’s face and body.
  • a little sausage for Bitzer’s ears.
  • Cheese for  sheep’s hair and eyes.
  • Nori for eyes and ears.
  • lettuces
  • yellow baby tomatoes
  • broccoli
  • strawberry
  • carrot

Stay tuned…..Shaun the Sheep and gang will be back….


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