Bento # 50 – Soccer Bento

Bento # 50 – Soccer Bento

I am not a big fan of soccer or any kind of sports, however with the  excitement of Euro cup in progress where almost everyone talk about it , I decided to reflect my spirit and enthusiasm through this Soccer Bento which is very simple and easy to make.

What’s in the box :

  • 2 rice balls – decorated with Nori to resemble soccer ball
  • few potato chips
  • 1 piece fried chicken
  • few slices cucumber
  • a portion of chilli salted fish

Bento # 24 – Valentine Bento

Bento # 24 : Valentine Bento


Today Bento is the Valentine day theme.

Honestly I am was a bit lost due to so many ideas scattered in my mind, initially I plan to make a  lovey dovey couple character from rice, then I change my mind to couple bunnies then I switch to love sandwich and many more.  The spicy tuna pasta (posted earlier) help me to get back on track , I have the flowers, the colorful colors, all I need is to add some ingredients to balance the pasta and to enhance the outlook.

What’s in the box :

  • A portion of spicy tuna pasta
  • Cheese + Nori -> for the boy’s face and hands
  • Carrot for the love shape
  • 2 Steamed tofu sandwiches
  • 2 Fried tofu
  • Sausages
  • Brocoli
  • Flowers from tomatoes skin
  • Grapes

Initially I plan to make the character as a girl, however after I assembly the Nori and everything, it turn out to be a He instead of She.

Nevertheless he looks happy receiving the love 🙂