Photo post of my one week Chiffon Cake Challenge

Last week I set myself a challenge to daily bake different type of chiffon for one week.

And below I proudly present 7 type of delicious  chiffon by Rabbitcanbake

Please click each title for link to recipe.

Chiffon # 01 : Green tea Soya Chiffon – for those who prefer the healthier type

Green tea soya chiffon1

Green tea soya chiffon

Chiffon # 02 : The Cheesy Cheddar Chiffon – for cheese lover

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon1

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon

Chiffon # 03 : The Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon – for corn lover

Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon3

Sweet Cream Corn Chiffon

Chiffon # 04 : The Local famous Black Glutinous Chiffon (Chiffon Ketan Hitam/Pulut Hitam)

Black Glutinous Chiffon2

Black Glutinous Chiffon

Chiffon # 05 : Black Sesame Chiffon – something Asian and unique?

Black Sesame Chiffon3

Black Sesame Chiffon

Chiffon #06 : Three flavors chiffon  – Can’t decide on what do you want, why don’t have all in the same cake?

3 flavors chiffon cake1

3 flavors chiffon cake


Chiffon # 07 : Cranberries Chiffon – Perfect for summer.

Cranberries Chiffon Cake2

Cranberries Chiffon Cake

That’s conclude my one week chiffon challenge and the good thing of baking and eating chiffon is they have lesser fat compare to other type of cake, hence no need to worry about diet.



Minions attack

A photo post of minion roll baked by the rabbit  at

Minion in box

Anyone notice the cute little round creatures in cupcake size? Well they were Japanese deco steam cake the rabbit been wanting to make  for long and upon seeing the famous Singapore Bento master , Ms. Shirley from littlemissonigiri   posted hers, the rabbit decided to copy Ms. Shirley’s idea.

And of course rabbit’s steam cake were not as good as hers. as you can see there were only 2 cakes in the photos which mean the rest of the batch were not good enough to be displayed :) nevertheless they taste good and rest well in rabbit’s belly.


Happy mid week all….


It’s been more than a month since my last post, apology for late response on comments as well as not visiting your blogs. If you wonder what happened to the rabbit, nope  she was not holidaying and enjoying her summer break. Instead the rabbit is busy baking and when I said baking, it  was literally baking almost everyday.

Yes,  I am surprised as well that the new passion of baking turn out to be something that  I grow to loved and decided to pursue further. Since last month, I had  diligently attended various baking demonstration by local/overseas chef .

I also signed up for  baking foundation course by  Chef Judy Koh  (if you are Singapore resident you might heard about Creative Culinary The School  or had visited the caffe Pralet). Chef Judy is the face and driving force behind the school and the café .  I am happy that The Creative Culinary Singapore had extended their reach and co-operate with “Ingredients” store in Jakarta  whom established Creative Culinary Indonesia to offer various baking course from beginner to professional level.

I will complete my foundation class by next Sunday and can’t wait for my intermediate baking course which will start again in September.

On top of baking my course assignment as well as trying the recipes in different flavor or style,  I had started to commercialized my new hobby.

Remember the cute decorative roll cake that I posted earlier? Well, it received many positive  reaction from friends. Those whom had tried the cake wanted more for themselves as well as to send as gifts for friends or family because of the cuteness and those whom seen the photos in my Blackberry photo profile were intrigued and wanted to try and had been asking where, how to buy also what flavors, designed, and many more questions so I decided to create another blog called rabbitcanbake to documented by baking journey and to serve as my photo gallery when friends/customer want to know more about my roll cake.

As usual Ms. SM the one whom designed rabbitcancook logo had been so nice to design another rabbitcanbake logo for me.


I invited you to visit and follow if you are interested to know more about my baking journey.

And nope I will not abandon this blog nor stop cooking, I hope by next week upon the completion of my course I will have more time to blog again regularly.