Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown Bento

Ever since I start baking I find myself don’t have enough time  to do both, however I am not forgetting and let go of bento especially after giving another private bento course to Mrs. HS yesterday I am encouraged to get back to my bento.

So today I woke up earlier and made my self a healthy bento  where everything in the box are steamed (kind of take a short cut to cook everything at the same time).

Anyone recognize the character in the bento without looking at the title?

Yes  I meant to make Cony the moody rabbit and Brown the chubby bear from LINE sticker. However after placing everything in the box I found myself getting rusty and not able to cut the nori the way I wanted it resemble Cony’s expression so I gave up and took out the nori puncher and just use the basic shape for the eyes and others resulted to Cony looks more like other ordinary rabbit and Brown looks more like Rilakkuma.

Bento # 173 - Cony and Brown bento

Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown bento

By the way the way I bake  Cony And Brown roll cake  last Tuesday, posted at Rabbitcanbake

At least the roll cake resemble the character better than the bento.

Cony and Brown mini rolls

Nevertheless making both bento and roll cake were fun.

Psst… after looking at the bento, I felt they were too healthy and I was craving for something fried or grilled  so by the noon time, I swap my lunch and the bento went to my neighbor Mrs. HH  😀

Happy Friday all!

Wish you have a great weekend ahead.


Bento # 149 – Rabbit in love (Valentine Bento)

It’s Thursday… It’s Valentine day.

Happy Love Day to all of you.. Wish you a lovely day with beloved one.

I remember fondly my younger days,  the excitement on Valentine days, the chocolate, the flowers, the cards (talking about card, do people still send Valentine card now a day? Or e-card? or email? or just text message in What’s up, BBM, YM, LINE, I wonder…?)

Now the older and wiser me  do not fuss that much anymore about  Valentine Day as a special love day, I believe that love have to be expressed in everything we do, every possible moment that we have, not to wait for one special day in a year. Everyday should be a Valentine day 🙂

Bento # 149 – Rabbit in love (Valentine Bento)

A full of love breakfast for myself…

Bento # 128 – Bathing time Bento

For those you read the Liebster award might know that my favorite routine of the day is bathing.

I love taking bath and  often found inspiration and problem solving while I am under hot shower or soaking myself in a tub.  Inspired by it, I am making bathing time bento for breakfast today and yaay….I got to use my new Totoro lunch box.

Bento # 128 - Shower time Bento

Bento # 128 – Bathing time Bento

I made the rabbit from squid ball and the shower from cucumber. The mayonnaise served as bath tub and water. Yellow rubber duck was made of cheese. Hmmm not sure whether the green object next to rabbit is visible enough, it was supposed to be a whale made of cucumber 🙂

Have a great day !

Bento # 115 – Good Night Bento

This bento was actually my supper last night.

A piggy and bunny in their cot with colorful blanket. I made the bunny and piggy from strawberry marshmallow and took the advantages of the inside filling for the ears, nose and cheek.

The bed was made of cheese sandwich while the blanket were sliced fruit cake (bought from nearby bakery).

Bento # 115 – Good night Bento

Should I say good morning or good night?

Well… the bento said  Zzz…Zzz……

Bento # 98 – Spam bunny bento

This is a late post of last Friday lunch and the bento was one of those where bento picks come in handy to beautify the food.

I cut a spam using rabbit cookie cutter and then add 2 rabbit picks on the rice. Mini size meatballs to fit the drum stick picks , yellow cherry tomato for the leaf pick , a little portion of scramble egg.

And last but not the least plum and few raspberries for vitamin boost.

Bento # 98 – Spam bunny bento


Bento # 92 – Twin rabbit bento

Yeay it’s Friday again, somehow this week pass so quickly and I am so happy that I have time to make bento for today #partyforfriday bento.

Today lunch was a simple steam rice  sprinkled with Shichimi togarashi  and decorated with steamed edamame and purple sticky rice/glutinous rice cake. I bought those rice cake  from nearby cake shop (in Indonesia it’s called : Pulut Tai Tai), the purple color of the rice was using the coloring from “Telang” flower (don’t ask me the name in English I am totally clueless) . This Pulut Tai Tai is a traditional cake  to be enjoy with Kaya sauce. I believe the dish was a mixture of Chinese and Malay culture and this type of dish can be found in neighborhood countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.
Anyway back to the bento, the rest of what’s in the box : 2  fish shape grilled sausages , 2 sotong /octopus balls (cooked in chicken stock for some flavoring and to get rid of the fishy smell), few cherry tomatoes.

Bento # 92 – Twin Rabbit bento

Happy Friday all!

Bento # 85 – Rabbit in love bento

Ever try  green vegetable barley noodle?  Well… today is my first time.

I bought a pack of the  dry noodle many weeks ago but since I love the unhealthy food more I had been procrastinating to cook it. So before they reach the expired date I tossed them into bento for lunch, they make a good resemble of green fields. I used fish kamaboko for the rabbits (still need to practice cutting kamaboko as you may see from the photos, my rabbits surface were not smooth enough).

Add few carrots and some kamaboko to add more colors on the green  noodle. Since it was a rather small portion of noodle, I also pack a portion of apple raisin salad.

Bento # 85 – Rabbit in Love Bento

The verdict on the healthy green vegetable barley noodle? Hmm… they have good texture and color, but I have to choose I will still go for egg noodles or any unhealthy type  🙂

Happy Monday all!