Bento # 175 – Panda onigiri Bento

Yesterday was the first day of me going  back to gym for morning exercise after a very very long   (like forever) break. And as the result I slept like a baby and woke up this morning feeling energized (though my whole body was  bit sore).

Since I have  plenty of time I decided to make myself  bento for lunch.  Initially I plan to make something with the gym/exercise theme but nothing came out so I switch to something simple and easier, the classic panda onigiri.

Bento # 175 - Panda Bento

Bento # 175 – Panda Bento

I stuffed the panda with chopped BBQ roasted pork  (yesterday left over) and add few romaine lettuce and Chinese Xiang Chang sausage in the box and as a dessert/ afternoon snack I  pack piece of steam black glutinous rice cake with coconut.

Happy Monday all!

Wish you have a great week ahead.

Bento # 126 – The Eggs incident Bento

Chicken or Egg? Or probably Egg or Egg?

Today bento idea is not mine, I saw this picture in my nephew’s BB profile and somehow I think the idea of having egg’s family to watch in a shock on a broken egg is quite interesting.

Bento # 126 – The Eggs Incident Bento

Hmmm I wonder what they have in their mind… shocked? Dismayed? Surprised?

Well..for sure the little egg looks as if he is almost burst in tears.

By the way, I stuffed the egg shaped rice with some minced pork so they are ready to consumed as what it is.

Happy Tuesday.

Bento # 121 – Teru Teru Bozu Bento

Teru Teru bozu is something Japanese children will make  out of white cloth/tissue paper and cotton and hang nearby the window when they wish for sunny weather,  which is often before a school picnic day. And nope they are not ghost dolls despite they resemble the ghost dolls made at Halloween. Teru in Japanese means sunshine and bozu is a Budhist monk and literally it means “shine shine monk”, that might explain the bald head ? 🙂

Today bento featuring 2 Teru teru bonzu made out of rice. They both  are still  apprentice ,therefore they are on duty together to ensure today weather is bright and shinny.

Bento # 121 – Teru teru Bozu Bento

I also stuffed the teru teru bozu with ume inside, and for the side dish a piece of home made chicken katsu, steamed broccoli and baby asparagus, cheese and few raspberries.


Bento # 97 – Seafood mix Onigiri bento

I had  been feasting eating mooncake in the weekend and now have to reap the consequence,  some jump of numbers when stepping up on  weight scale this morning  😦

So  it’s time to go back to healthy dan small portion bento. Today bento is  all Japanese dish bento. The rice was mix with seafood furikake (Korean brand) while side dish are  Lotus root salad and Kani (imitation crab) salad and stir fry pumpkin.

Bento # 97 – Seafood mix Onigiri bento

This is the rice mix furikake (Seafood flavor) that I use in today Onigiri. Bought at Korean mart price at the price of  IDR 29,500 ( approx USD 3.1).

A pack of this  have 3 smaller pack inside,  I mix the smaller pack with medium portion of rice resulted to about 8 pieces Onigiri (keep the other 4 pieces for dinner). The picture on the packaging show hints of oranges color upon mixing to the rice, however I did not see many oranges ingredients in the furikake so my Onigiri looks more to the greenish color instead. And since the wording were all in Korean I am not sure whether they have instruction to add other ingredients on top of what in the pack. Well… photo on  packaging sometimes can be a bit misleading. Don’t you think so?


Bento # 88 – Colorful rice balls bento

This week seems to be very slow, and today is only Tuesday. So I decided  to cheer myself and  give some colors to the week by making this colorful rice balls bento which by number happen to bethe lucky number #88 bento 🙂

The rice balls itself was simple, basic round shape onigiri mix with carrots, cucumber and teriyaki ground beef.

For the orange ball – cut the carrot into small pieces, then stiry fry with a little butter and salt, I add a dash of japanese togarashi for some spiciness.

For the green ball – cut japanese cucumber (kyiru) into small pieces and sprinkle with a pinch of salt.

For the supposedly to be brown ball – stir fry ground beef with sesame oil, teriyaki sauce and pepper.

Mix 1.5 table spoon white rice with 1 table spoon of each ingredients and and shape them with plastic wrap to form round shape.

Bento # 88 – Colorful rice balls bento

I add a red radish star into the box to fill in the empty space.

I happen to spot this cute  radish star at one of the bento by @Ohayo bento, a friend I met from twitter,  she made many cute and pretty bento, please visit her at .

Ohayo bento is the one whomrefer me to the tutorial link by @sherimiya , who is another  expert in bento making.  Sherimiya have a cute bento blog and have many tutorial posts, please visit her blog for the tutorial on this radish star

I am so happy that I met many new friends through cooking, blogging and bento making and looking forward to make more friends.

Thank you all for being my friends and add more colors to my blogging life !!!


Bento # 67 – Spiderman Bento (Superhero series)

Bento # 67 – Spiderman Bento

Another superhero series bento, and today is the spiderman.

Same as the batman, I only make the mask and place it on top of bed of spider web made of rice noodle. The mask was not as neat as I expected because it was rather difficult to stick the Nori on the red pepper (run out of mayo and use condensed milk and they were very thick and sticky).

What’s in the box

  • A piece of red pepper decorated with Nori and cheese -> spiderman mask
  • Half portion of instant rice noodle tossed with the seasoning
  • A small portion of brown rice decorated with cheese
  • A portion of egg omelet -> cut into thin slices + carrot flowers
  • Steam brocoli
  • A small portion on Korean fried anchovies with chilli -> bought from Korean mart.

Happy Friday…

Bento # 56 – Panda Bento (version2)

Bento # 56 – Panda Bento

A hot summer morning and I kind of lazying around so I think this panda kind of resemble my mood today.

After my out of shape Panda in Bento #29 , I think this version2 looks much better 🙂

Happy weekend !!!



Bento # 54 – Boy & Girl Bento (version2)

Bento # 54 – Boy & Girl Bento

Another version of  boy and girl Bento.

What’s in the box :

  • 2 rice ball
  • toasted black sesame seed – for the boy’s short hair
  • Nori – for eyes, mouth and girl’s hair
  • Chicken katsu
  • Steamed corn
  • Bunch of veggie salad

Happy Monday !!!

Bento # 52 – Mr & Mrs Bear Bento

Bento # 52 – Mr & Mrs Bear Bento

I am in the mood for Bear series Bento and upon browsing the net for inspiration I found this Bears in Love Bento from  :  and it turn to be one of the Photo in Face Food recipe book by Christopher D  Salyers.

Photo courtesy of Face Food Recipe

Can’t resist the temptation to replicate the “Bears in love” which is really cute and adorable, moreover I happen to have the pink Denbu in fridge which is really suitable for the pink bear.

I don’t have the patience to create the dreamy or lovey dovey eyes, so after few attempts and can’t get the look that I desired, I decided to change them into my version. As usual the Mr in my Bento character always being the protective one. Just look at the fierce eyes behind the sunglasses and the big and strong arm And know what?  I just realized  that  adding a tattoo into the arm  will be perfect, it will make him look like a macho motor bike rider Bear… 🙂 Don’t you think so?

What’s in the box :

  • Pink rice ball (mix white rice with pink Denbu)
  • Brown rice ball (mix white rice with sweet soya sauce)
  • 2 pinch of white rice for the noses
  • Nori and black sesame seeds for the eyes
  • Carrot for the nose
  • Fresh strawberries

Happy Wednesday !


Bento # 41 : Triplets Bento

Bento # 41 – Triplets Bento

A late post of yesterday Bento.

Whats in the box :

  • 3 rice balls for the triplets
  • 1 pc tumeric seasoned fried chicken
  • Mango chilli salad
  • Veggie salad & melinjo crackers

Mango chilli salad :

  • 1 green mango
  • 1 table spoon brown sugar
  • 1 – 2 chilli
  • 1/2 tea spoon salt
  • 1/2 tea spoon grilled terasi (shrimp paste)

Steps :

  1. Wash and peel the mango skin, cut into julienne or matchsticks size.
  2. Blend the chilli, add the rest of ingredients, mix well.
  3. Toss mango into the chilli sauce and mix until mango is coated with chilli sauce.