Bento # 176 – Winnie The Pooh Bento

A late post of bento that I made yesterday, Winnie The Pooh. Mix the rice with yolk to get yellow color and the rest of the dish were left over dinner, 2 pieces of satay chicken with the pick removed , a small portion of green curry and peanut sauce with indonesian pickle.

Bento # 176- Winnie The Pooh Bento

Bento # 176- Winnie The Pooh Bento

The bento was inspired by the Winnie The Pooh roll cake I bake last week.

winnie the pooh roll

I love it when my bento and roll cake can be source of inspiration to both hobbies.


Bento # 171 – Little mice bento

A rather gloomy Tuesday and I decided to turn my lunch into bento despite the lack of ingredients. Situation  like this  remind me to make a good use of many of my new and un-used bento tools/accesories.

Bento # 171 - Little Mice bento

Bento # 171 – Little Mice bento

Today lunch consist of 2 rice balls decorated with cheese and nori and bento picks for the hats, few pieces of the freshly baked blueberry almond cake decorated with bento picks (music notes) , a portion of mushroom stir fry and few pieces of fried chicken wings.

Separately I pack a set of similar bento for my friend too Ms. HH, she is a big fan of mushroom and I hope the lunch can cheer up her up.

Happy Tuesday all.

Bento # 168 – Lazy Snoppy Bento


Today Bento is copying Snoopy’s famous pose, lazying for the afternoon 🙂

Bento # 168 - Lazy Snoopy Bento

Bento # 168 – Lazy Snoopy Bento

As the substitute of the dog house I use Menchi Katsu, which is minced meat stuffed in the Aburaage (tofu pocket).  While for the rice I use 2 type, fried rice as the base and white rice for Snoopy.

Happy Friday All.

Bento # 167 – Koalas Bento

Dear friends, thank you so much for you kind wishes when I was down with flu last week, I am fully recovered and back to the kitchen and my bento making.

Today bento is Koalas made of mum’s famous stew egg which she pack for me for my stash.

My mum said that she regretted for having the patience to learn and  hence not able to replicate my grandma’s famous stew egg (mum told me grandma always spend hours, cooking and  stirring those eggs in black bean  sauce, using charcoal stove to ensure the flavor and seasoning slowly penetrate the dish). I do not have any memory of my grandma’s stew egg because she passed away when I was 7 years old hence mum’s version is still my fave. I cut the egg into thinner slices to make the ears, head and body and place the stew sauce at the bottom of the rice  (I always love the sauce). The 3 pieces of corn and prawn fritters was also from mum 🙂

Bento # 167 - Koalas Bento

Bento # 167 – Koalas Bento

Happy Monday All!


Bento # 166 – The Mermaid Bento

This is the bento I made for my submission to BentoandCo 2013 bento contest, unfortunately  and embarrassingly I did not make it even to the final which mean I have to sharpen my skills and try harder next year.

In compliance with contest theme of Pasta, the mermaid bento was made with 3 types of pasta, for the base was brown butter tagliatelle and then some aglio olio shell pasta and lastly wholemeal spaghetti for the mermaid’s hair.  Eby fry for the body and spam for the face and body.

Bento # 166 - Mermaid Bento

Bento # 166 – Mermaid Bento

Ganbateeee….. practice more for next year 😀

Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento

Down with flu and comfort food is porridge but then flu and porridge won’t stop me from having fun with my food. So today I present you my very first bento made out of porridge.

I added steamed corn and spinach and soya sauce to decorate my plain porridge, also something looks like bear steamed cake (bought from nearby bakery) to beautify my bento.

Bento # 164 - Porridge Bento

Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento

Bento # 162 – A 3 Ryou Bento

Yesterday I read a manga called Kaze Hikaru  , the story is about about  a girl whom disguised as a boy to join the Mibu Roshi (later to become the Shinsengumi, to protect the shogun in the chaotic time  on the Bakumetsu Era around 1863 A.D)  to avenge the death of her family.  In the first volume of the manga there was a chapter about when the poor group were finally received their allowance of 3 Ryou .  At the time , one and a half Ryou was enough to last a family of 5 for a month.

The Ryou (gold coin) looks like egg tamagoyaki to me so based on the story I created the 3 Ryou bento (which was my dinner yesterday)

Bento # 162 -A 3 Ryou Bento

Bento # 162 -A 3 Ryou Bento

After receiving the allowance, the samurai is feasting with his wife and brought her some nice hair ornament. They have roast duck (though in the story it was mentioned that good quality fish is a real treat during the time) for dinner as well as some sweets for dessert. And I think it is only proper to use the Kimono Murasaki Long box for this occasion 🙂