Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown Bento

Ever since I start baking I find myself don’t have enough time  to do both, however I am not forgetting and let go of bento especially after giving another private bento course to Mrs. HS yesterday I am encouraged to get back to my bento.

So today I woke up earlier and made my self a healthy bento  where everything in the box are steamed (kind of take a short cut to cook everything at the same time).

Anyone recognize the character in the bento without looking at the title?

Yes  I meant to make Cony the moody rabbit and Brown the chubby bear from LINE sticker. However after placing everything in the box I found myself getting rusty and not able to cut the nori the way I wanted it resemble Cony’s expression so I gave up and took out the nori puncher and just use the basic shape for the eyes and others resulted to Cony looks more like other ordinary rabbit and Brown looks more like Rilakkuma.

Bento # 173 - Cony and Brown bento

Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown bento

By the way the way I bake  Cony And Brown roll cake  last Tuesday, posted at Rabbitcanbake

At least the roll cake resemble the character better than the bento.

Cony and Brown mini rolls

Nevertheless making both bento and roll cake were fun.

Psst… after looking at the bento, I felt they were too healthy and I was craving for something fried or grilled  so by the noon time, I swap my lunch and the bento went to my neighbor Mrs. HH  😀

Happy Friday all!

Wish you have a great weekend ahead.


Bento # 171 – Little mice bento

A rather gloomy Tuesday and I decided to turn my lunch into bento despite the lack of ingredients. Situation  like this  remind me to make a good use of many of my new and un-used bento tools/accesories.

Bento # 171 - Little Mice bento

Bento # 171 – Little Mice bento

Today lunch consist of 2 rice balls decorated with cheese and nori and bento picks for the hats, few pieces of the freshly baked blueberry almond cake decorated with bento picks (music notes) , a portion of mushroom stir fry and few pieces of fried chicken wings.

Separately I pack a set of similar bento for my friend too Ms. HH, she is a big fan of mushroom and I hope the lunch can cheer up her up.

Happy Tuesday all.

A Special Happy Engagement roll cake for the creator of RCC logo

Anyone remember seeing this logo in my previous blog theme?


Well …the logo was created by  Ms. SM the sister of good friend of mine, Ms. SM (both sisters share the same initial, so do not be confused).

And to share the good news, the creative lady behind this logo creation is getting engaged, thanks to the spoiler from her sis. And to celebrate the special occasion I decided to bake a special roll cake ala RCC for her.

Sanny's Engagement Roll Cake

And this is a real ala RCC because I think the nice lady deserved her very own cake  not any copy  from  Junko’s template that anyone can replicate so I decided to draw my very own pattern copy from the roses. Do you see the resemble of the roses on the photo background with those on the cake?

Sanny's engagement rollcake

Dear Sanny, congratulations on your engagement, wish you sunshine, rainbow, love, joy, happiness, bla bla bla and happily ever after.


Bento # 166 – The Mermaid Bento

This is the bento I made for my submission to BentoandCo 2013 bento contest, unfortunately  and embarrassingly I did not make it even to the final which mean I have to sharpen my skills and try harder next year.

In compliance with contest theme of Pasta, the mermaid bento was made with 3 types of pasta, for the base was brown butter tagliatelle and then some aglio olio shell pasta and lastly wholemeal spaghetti for the mermaid’s hair.  Eby fry for the body and spam for the face and body.

Bento # 166 - Mermaid Bento

Bento # 166 – Mermaid Bento

Ganbateeee….. practice more for next year 😀

Bento # 162 – A 3 Ryou Bento

Yesterday I read a manga called Kaze Hikaru  , the story is about about  a girl whom disguised as a boy to join the Mibu Roshi (later to become the Shinsengumi, to protect the shogun in the chaotic time  on the Bakumetsu Era around 1863 A.D)  to avenge the death of her family.  In the first volume of the manga there was a chapter about when the poor group were finally received their allowance of 3 Ryou .  At the time , one and a half Ryou was enough to last a family of 5 for a month.

The Ryou (gold coin) looks like egg tamagoyaki to me so based on the story I created the 3 Ryou bento (which was my dinner yesterday)

Bento # 162 -A 3 Ryou Bento

Bento # 162 -A 3 Ryou Bento

After receiving the allowance, the samurai is feasting with his wife and brought her some nice hair ornament. They have roast duck (though in the story it was mentioned that good quality fish is a real treat during the time) for dinner as well as some sweets for dessert. And I think it is only proper to use the Kimono Murasaki Long box for this occasion 🙂

Bento 156 – Doraemon Bento

Doraemon is my childhood fave character and first he was known as  Xiao Ding Dang  (Chinese name) due to mum buying me the comic book and video cartoon in Chinese  and only later when the local TV in Indonesia show the cartoon, I started to know his real famous name  Doraemon.

Doraemon is everything a child wish for, the adventures and the everything you need tools, the special magic pocket, the take-copter, time machine and many more. Even until now I still love to read Doraemon’s manga and watch the anime.

Today Doraemon was made of beef patties decorated with rice and cheese and nori. It took me longer than planned to made this because of the details required to create Doraemon’s expression. For the side dish were bunch of ceasar salad and egg tamagoyaki.

The extra Bento was delivered to my cousin Ms. LL 😀 she is not Doraemon’s fan but I am sure she appreciated  the fun 🙂

Bento # 156.1- Doraemon Bento  Bento # 156 - Doraemon Bento

Happy Thursday all 🙂

Unpublished bentos

It’s been a while since my last post, I have to admit that I was slacking from my blogging and cooking/bento-ing making due to one and another reason.

While I was replying to your comments I kind of feel a bit guilty and embarrassed and touched  that despite my no posting , many of you still put an effort and to visit and comment. Thank you for your patience and trust… I am looking forward to get back to my kitchen and blogging the soonest I can.

In the meantime I am sharing some of the unpublished  bentos  I made last year. They were mostly simple normal bento (not charaben/kyaraben aka the cute character bento)

Bento #  - FLowers bento  Bento # 100 - Pork Charsiu

  Pratice Bento1

Practice Bento5