Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

I am following the manga series about the Genji and Heike war and today’s Japanese warrior bento were the copy of the warrior’s look during those ancient times with its heavy armor and helmet.

This is a birthday bento for my friend as well as  neighbor, Ms. HH.

Ms. HH is a very high spirit, smart  and hard working corporate lady and today theme is just perfect for her because she always love to tell herself and her team to do their best… Ganbate…Keep up the spirit.

Bento # 151 - Japanese Warrior Bento

Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

Happy Birthday Tiek, I hope you enjoy your bento…

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento

July is another important month to me because  I have 2 family member (Mum and younger brother) and a very good old friend (Dugia) celebrating their birthday. So before the month is over, here is the birthday bento to celebrate their joyful day…

As usual in Chinese tradition, a noodle represent a long life and one should have noodle in her/his birthday. I remember when I was young, mum always  prepare red egg (hard boiled egg dyed with red color) so it’s my turn to prepare the egg for her though they were not dyed into red color, instead I turn them into  three busy bee (should dye them to yellow but I don’t have any natural ingredients available)  to represent the birthday fellow being happily and actively flying in the garden of joy.

I also have a big 2 level birthday cake for them to share, and each person got their own birthday gift.

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento 1.0

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento 1.1

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento 1.2

In summary on what’s in the box :

  • A portion of egg and vegetable fried noodle decorated with quail eggs and baby corn
  • 3 quail eggs+ nori + slices almond for the bee’s wings
  • 2 piece of pancake stacked and decorated with strawberry and pocky
  • Strawberry and Dragon fruit decorated with cheese -> birthday presents

Happy Birthday to you… happy birthday to you… Happy birthday Happy birthday…Happy birthday to you…

Bento # 42 : My Birthday Bento

It was a busy day and I did not plan to make any Bento  so when a good friend ask me this morning whether I plan to make   Birthday bento as a tribute to my own Birthday I answer her No.

But then when I receive my favorite cheese cake from Mr.Bigger, I can’t help myself not to decorate it, especially when it came with a pack of cute little candle.

So here I present the simple Birthday Bento for myself.

Bento #42 – My Birthday Bento

What’s in the box

  • 1 slice of rare cheese cake from The Marquis
  • Confetti for the Bday hat & Nori for the eyes & mouth
  • 1/2 pack of M&M
  • Few apple gummy
  • Few teddy bear marshmallow

It was kind of challenge to decorate the cheese cake because the surface can be easily ruin, and this was my 3rd piece as  the confetti keep scattering to the other area and stain the surface with their coloring. I can’t let them smudge the face so have to start all over again.

Nevertheless I am quite happy with the result, it looks cute and for sure taste yummy….


Bento # 12 : Happy Birthday Bento

January is a special month that mark as fresh day and new start of everything according to the calendar.

It is also special because it was the birth month of several special people in my life, and they are  the 7 nice and sweet girls I have known since high school, at college,  work and community.

I remember those days when we meet almost everyday and celebrate the birthday right on the day. Now a day even though we only meet occasionally and only able to greet each other birthday greetings by phone, yet the friendship remains.

Our friendship stands the test of time and show in many different ways, it is  not always an easy thing but yet we manage to hold it strong.

Hereby a Special Birthday Bento as a tribute to the special girls on this special month.

It took few days to plan and draft the Bento , I have the general idea in my mind so I started  listing down all the important things one should have in the special day. And then it hit me that all girls have different character and interest and I want to personalized the bento for each of them.  If I am an expert of course I will make a bento with their personal look/face , but since I am just an amateur I resolved with making their favorite pet, to represent each of them.

So girls, remember the favorite pet polling? Well … now you know the reason behind.

A birthday cake for the Birthday girls.

Sorry girls you have to share the cake, however each of you got your own balloon , they are 6 of them 🙂

A birthday noodle to symbolizes  long long life… Yes you still have to share the noodle but I love you all equally, each of you have your own cheese in heart shape.  And Jelly to add more sweetness in your long lovely life…

Your own favorite pet, I bet you can easily recognize which one is yours 🙂

Fried Chicken and Prawn to represent liveliness, happiness and good fortune



  • Dr. CR
  • Ms. NF
  • Mrs. SS
  • Mrs. SL
  • Mrs. CK
  • Mrs. AM
  • Mrs. CA

Your best years are still ahead of you and Birthdays are good for you, statistics show that people who have the most live the longest!