Bento # 176 – Winnie The Pooh Bento

A late post of bento that I made yesterday, Winnie The Pooh. Mix the rice with yolk to get yellow color and the rest of the dish were left over dinner, 2 pieces of satay chicken with the pick removed , a small portion of green curry and peanut sauce with indonesian pickle.

Bento # 176- Winnie The Pooh Bento

Bento # 176- Winnie The Pooh Bento

The bento was inspired by the Winnie The Pooh roll cake I bake last week.

winnie the pooh roll

I love it when my bento and roll cake can be source of inspiration to both hobbies.

Teacup Shortcakes

Hiyaaaa…Rabbit is burying herself in the kitchen and doing weekend baking.

Got this nice tea cup silicon mold as early birthday gift from a friend (thank you Ms. IG for supporting my new passion of baking). Upon browsing for recipe I stumble upon a video from Ochikeron  which happen to share  cupcake/shortcake recipe using the same silicon teacup mold.

Sillicon cupcakes set  Ochikeron

Details of recipe and how to, please click the  above link  to Ochikeron’s video.

I am still struggling with my whipped cream and can’t replicate those nice flower shape from Ochikeron 😦

Strawberry cupcake

Anyone joining me for afternoon tea for four?

Chocolate Mille Crepes

Another Mille Crepes and this time I use chocolate sauce and whipped cream for each other layers to see if I can get a better texture.

Learning from the previous experience, this time I really let all crepes cool down to the same temperature before stacking them and also ensure my whipped cream had reach the soft peak form before I stop whipping them. And the result was better.

Also I divided the 36 crepes into 2 so I get 2 piece of 18 layers crepes instead of 1 with high stack unlike my previous Vanilla mille crepes.

Chocolate Mille Crepe   Choco Mille Crepe

And yes, since some of you had been asking for the recipe , below is the simple crepe recipe :

Serves : 36 crepes (12 cm size)

  • 100 gr cake flour + 1/2 tea spoon  baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 table spoon  sugar (I prefer the crepe to be not too sweet because the cream and chocolate filling already sweet enough)
  • 2 table spoon melted butter
  • 250 ml milk
  • few drops of vanilla essence (optional)

Shift flour and baking powder , add sugar and eggs and whisked until sugar is melted. Add half of the milk and melted butter, mix well. Shift to remove lumps and add the remaining milk and mix well. Let the batter stand in room temperature for 30 minutes.Then start to make crepe using non sticky pan.

I noticed some cake shop prefer to have  browning texture on the crepe so this time I also copy the method by making some browner and crispier layer and somehow the combination of the texture did enhance the taste.

Bento # 167 – Koalas Bento

Dear friends, thank you so much for you kind wishes when I was down with flu last week, I am fully recovered and back to the kitchen and my bento making.

Today bento is Koalas made of mum’s famous stew egg which she pack for me for my stash.

My mum said that she regretted for having the patience to learn and  hence not able to replicate my grandma’s famous stew egg (mum told me grandma always spend hours, cooking and  stirring those eggs in black bean  sauce, using charcoal stove to ensure the flavor and seasoning slowly penetrate the dish). I do not have any memory of my grandma’s stew egg because she passed away when I was 7 years old hence mum’s version is still my fave. I cut the egg into thinner slices to make the ears, head and body and place the stew sauce at the bottom of the rice  (I always love the sauce). The 3 pieces of corn and prawn fritters was also from mum 🙂

Bento # 167 - Koalas Bento

Bento # 167 – Koalas Bento

Happy Monday All!


Bento # 153 – Hinamatsuri Bento

Hinamatsuri or known as Girl’s Day is approaching and I almost forgot about this special day if not because Miss. Shirley of  Little Miss Onigiri posting about her special Hinamatsuri bento course in Singapore.

Thanks Shirley  for the indirect reminder 🙂 And if you are living in Singapore and interested to learn about bento, you can check the information here at her blog

During Hinamatsuri which also known as The Japanese Doll Festival held on March 3rd, family with daughter will display the  set of Japanese dolls  on stacks of platform. There are rules in the setting of the dolls, the top platform is for the emperor and empress and followed by 3 court ladies on the second platform and then  5 musician on the third platform. On the forth platform they will be 2 minister (left and right minister) and then 3 samurai on the fifth platform. The last 2 platform (fifth and sixth) will be displaying assorted miniatures of the palace furniture.

I do not have enough skill nor patience to create  all the characters so I decided to go for the Emperor and Empress only for my bento.

Below I present you my Hinamatsuri lunch bento featuring the emperor and empress, their face were from ham decorated with Nori, while their Kimono were from egg sheet.

Bento # 153 - Hinamatsuri Bento

Bento # 153 – Hinamatsuri Bento

I use higher temperature to get some brownish texture on the egg  for the emperor ‘s robe and I add some corn pepper to get some red motif for the empress’s kimono. In case if you wonder, the bottom part as background was fried rice 🙂

Happy Girl’s Day all …




Bento # 148 – Lions bento

This year I did not managed to  make any bento with the Chinese New Year theme, so to compensate my lack of creative I decided to deconstruct the Chinese New Year cakes into bento.

The Lion’s heads  were of roll cake decorated with cheese, while for the body I use marble cake (I love how the texture of the marble cake looks perfect for the lion’s body and the paws , especially the Lion at the bottom part) .

Those stripes looks cakes were Kue Lapis (aka Layered Cake)  is one of the most to have cake for Chinese New Year and a quite popular cake in Indonesia. It tooks lots of time and effort to bake the cakes layer by layer.

I choose and cut  the different color/darker layer of the  layered cake to make the facial expression of the Lions.

Bento # 148 - Lion bento

Bento # 148 – Lions bento


Wish you a prosperous and blessed Snake Year Ahead.

Gong Xi Fa Cai…

Xin Nian Kuai Le…

Bento # 134 – Early Christmas Pancake

I woke up by the sounds of loud thunder this morning , it was 6 ish  a.m and the sky looks as if its gonna rain cats and dogs.

Since I can’t go back to sleep I decided to start the day early with proper breakfast and whip myself pancakes.  As usual I can’t resist the temptation not turning them into something cute.

So rather than cutting cheese and other ingredients to beautify them I took the shortcut and decorate them with the Christmas icing that I bought from baking supplies store and tada…. super cute Christmas pancake 🙂

Bento # 134 -Christmas pancake

Bento # 134 -Christmas pancake

Counting days for the coming Christmas and Holidays…..

Bento # 126 – The Eggs incident Bento

Chicken or Egg? Or probably Egg or Egg?

Today bento idea is not mine, I saw this picture in my nephew’s BB profile and somehow I think the idea of having egg’s family to watch in a shock on a broken egg is quite interesting.

Bento # 126 – The Eggs Incident Bento

Hmmm I wonder what they have in their mind… shocked? Dismayed? Surprised?

Well..for sure the little egg looks as if he is almost burst in tears.

By the way, I stuffed the egg shaped rice with some minced pork so they are ready to consumed as what it is.

Happy Tuesday.

Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre Bento

Another Japanese Ogre bento, I made them for my breakfast, main ingredient is hard roll (cut into 2 pieces). Then I decorate Mr. Ogre  with angel hair pasta cooked with tomato sauce while for Mrs. Ogre her hair was  1 egg scramble eggs  with pinch of pepper. As usual, cheese and Nori for facial expression. I used cucumber for both Ogre’s horns and mouth and raspberry for Mrs Ogre’s cheek while Mr Ogre’s was carrot.

Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre bento

I might be bias but somehow I always found that the Japanese Ogre looks cuter than the Western Ogre …LOL

Happy Thursday All !

Bento #116 – Leo the Lion bento

Any of you  still keep your childhood toy? Well… I do, below … please meet Leo the Lion.

Technically Leo belong to my elder brother, my Dad bought Leo for him in one of his Europe trip many many  many years ago. We (the family) are quite surprised that somehow Leo is still with the family after all this years, considering when we move from hometown to Jakarta , we had been screening and donating many things to others.

It turn out after 2 cities and 3 houses, Leo is still with us (Hmm… not sure whether it was mum who  pack him out of sentimental reason or Leo himself sneak into the box 🙂

Anyway despite of his age (can any of you guess how old is he looking at his appearance and design?) , Leo still in good shape and adorable and I can’t help but to adopt him as mine as my brother had been way too old and too manly to keep stuffed toy at his place 😀

Today Bento is created using Leo as reference, the base of his face is  fried rice enhance with egg sheet as his mane and cheek, the rest of the ingredients are smoked beef for ears, nori and cheese and carrot for other facial expression. For the side dish I have fried shrimps, boiled okra, and some lap cheong (chinese pork sausage)

Bento # 116 – Leo the Lion Bento

Rw00rrrrw…..well…nope…Leo actually make a rather cute sound when you squeeze him at his tail 🙂