Tau Suan (aka Split Green Bean Sweet Soup)

Living in tropical country we only have two seasons, the hot and the rainy. And starting this week we are officially into rainy season .

One of my favourite thing to do during this cool and cloudy day is eating warm and sweet dessert .  For my comfort food today I made “Tau Suan” aka “Split green bean  sweet soup.”

It is a popular Chinese sweet dessert and can be easily found across Asia and it taste very good to goes with “You Tiao/ You Char Kway/ Fried dough fritters), one can eat it as breakfast, dessert, noon snacks or even supper.  In Indonesia some vendor sell it with a little of coconut milk  as additional topping.

This is the first time I made this Tau Suan (get the recipe from mum) and was quite surprised that it is quite easy to cook .


Ingredients :

  • 150 – 200 gr of split green bean/mug bean
  • 2-3 pieces of pandan leaves, washed and tied to a knot
  • 50 gr sugar (mum suggest to use rock sugar for better taste, but since I don’t have rock sugar then I use normal white sugar instead)
  • 500 ml water
  • Thickener : 50 gr sweet potato flour mixed with ½ cup of water
  • 1 fried You Tiao (split the set into 2 and cut with scissor into 0.5 cm width)
  • Coconut milk (optional)  : cook 20 ml coconut milk + 30 ml water +  pinch of salt

Steps :

  1. Soak the  bean in water until expand, about 1 hour, drain, rinse with cooked water and drain again.
  2. Steam the beans until they are  cooked/soft but not mushy.
  3. In a pot, cook the water and pandan leaves , add rock sugar when water start to boil and stir until  sugar dissolved.
  4. Reduce the heat and add the steamed beans, stir for about 2 minutes.
  5. Stir  in thickener slowly until the mixture reach the thickeness according to your liking , let it simmer for a while and turn off the heat.
  6. Serve with fried you tiao or drizzle coconut milk into the soup (I forgot to buy you tiao, therefore  my version only have Tau Suan with coconut milk).

Food Review : A quest for best rainbow cake in town

Another rising star in cake shops in town, the “rainbow” cake.

The appearance looks attractive with 6 bright colorful layers (for a moment just don’t think of how much amount of food coloring in one piece) and if you don’t eat them that often, should be okay I guess. After the last Red Velvet cake review I try to cut down eating cake so it took me quite a while to compile samples from few shops.

Below please find my finding (personal comment and not sponsored by any brand).




1) Rainbow Cake by Michel’s patisserie

Price / slice : IDR  25,000 (approx USD $ 2.3/ slice) compare to previous  Red Velvet cake review, IDR had been weakening against USD from 1 USD = IDR 9,250 to IDR 9,500.

Same verdict as their Red Velvet. The 6 layered  cake  topped with creamy cheese cream was rather plain to my liking, just cake and cream cheese with no element of surprise. Did not able to finish the piece  and I think I can sense the hint of the food coloring smell in the cake. Anyway compare to the other shops, the price is value for money and might taste better with tea/coffee.

2) Groovy Checkered Cake by Kitchenette

Price / slice : IDR 35,000 (approx USD $ 3.6/slice).

I love the unusual outlook of the cake,  bit different from the standard rainbow cake and I love the  fact that the waitress did not forget to  include the colorful sugar sprinkle (pack separately) for the takeaway. The sugar sprinkle enhance the not too  sweet and light cheese cream while the cake itself is moist and light.

I finish the whole piece by myself, munching all the way while watching my fave TV series.

3) Rainbow cake by Dante / Miki Ojisan

Price per slice : IDR 35,000 (approx USD $ 3.6/slice).

I bought this cake at Dante coffee shop, and for sure it was not produced by the store. Earlier when I sipped my coffee, I kind of spotted a waitress brought in few transparent shopping bags with Miki-Ojisan cheesecake brand (one of the japanese cheesecake pioneer in town).  Nevertheless since I like Miki Ojisan cheese cake, I decided to bought a piece of the rainbow cake for take away and review. And to confirm my suspicion, few days later I spotted the same rainbow cake at Miki-Ojisan outlet. Back to the cake itself, I love the fact that they don’t use too much food coloring compare to other brand.  One bite, you can sense the signature of Miki Ojisan cake, soft and light cake texture blend perfectly with the creamy cheese cream.

4) Rainbow cake by Shokupan

Price per slice : IDR 12,500 (approx USD $1.3/slice).

Unlike the other cake shop/cafe who display the rainbow cake in chiller, this cake from Shokupan  (Japanese bakery) was in plastic wrap and display among other sponge cake and breads. The cheapest rainbow cake in town but don’t let the economic price mislead you. The taste of this rainbow cake is really good, like the common Japanese sponge cake, the texture is soft and light and you can smell a hint of lemon in the cake. I love the thin layer of sweet cheese cream which compliment the cake and also the fact that of light using of food coloring.

5) Rainbow cake from Liberica

Price / slice : IDR 55,000 (approx USD $ 5.8)

They come in 2 version, the standard vanilla  version and the chocolate version. Never seen the chocolate rainbow cake version before so I decided to bought  both piece to try. The cake size was not as big as the other brands considering the price were the most expensive one. The chocolate version was  a little shorter than the vanilla version,despite they have same 6 layers, the chocolate cake was thinner (could it because of the chocolate cream was heavier and press down the thickness of the cake ?).

Despite the size the overall cake outlook were okay, I like the confetti topping on the chocolate and the colorful chocolate flakes on the vanilla, however  I will say that I kind of disappointed that the price did not represent the taste of the cake. Both cake texture were dry and rough despite I eat them immediately after I reach home and took the picture (which was approx 15 minutes them out from the store’s chiller), seems that the cake had been stored in the chiller for more than 2 days. The cake itself have hint of fruity smell, probably the food coloring contain some fruit essence . The chocolate cream (taste a bit like thick choco mouse)  was actually good , if only it was compliment with soft and moist cake texture.  While  on the vanilla version the thin cream cheese just can’t improve anything of the cake. I just took a bite of each and the rest of them goes direct to the trash bin, I think the store need to improve their QC and should implement daily fresh cake policy considering they are a quite establish coffee shop chain in town.


Well that’s all for the part 1 review.

Just a question to ponder : Why all those rainbow cake must have 6 layers or 6 colors? And all this time I thought rainbow got 7 colors?

Banana Choco Cheese Pancake

This is a midnight or early morning post and I am not sure  whether should categorized this as breakfast, supper or snacks.

Having my DVD  marathon and suddenly I felt the urge to munch something , upon ransacking my kitchen I decided to treat myself a healthy midnight supper or early breakfast. Not sure too whether after adding all the toppings such as cheese, choco sauce , whipped cream, this pancake is still considered as healthy nor whether when I wake up few hours later I will still have another breakfast or this is enough till lunchtime.

Here is the recipe

Batter :

  • 3/4  cup flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 table spoon melted butter
  • 1/4 baking powder
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/8 cup sugar

Toppings :

  • Banana (peeled and sliced)
  • Roasted almonds
  • Grated Cheddar Cheese
  • Choco Sprinkle
  • Choco Sauce
  • Whipped Cream
  • Strawberries (optional)

Steps :

Whisk all batter ingredients to make a batter.

Notes : I used the last batch of the batter to make a crepe , this recipe make 6 pcs of small size pancake and 1 thin pancake/crepe.