Bento # 127 – Boys in costumes Bento

I am experimenting with abura age and today bento supposedly to be boys in funny hat or animal costume. After finishing the bento, I think they  looks more to  seal and  bear wearing cute hat . Anyway I will just treat them as boys in cute costumes bento.

For the brown bear I mix rice with light soya sauce while for the seal I stuffed pork floss inside the rice , for additional snacks I have 2 pieces of Chinese Shumai, a portion of kimchi and a portion of apple salad.

Bento # 127 - Boys in costumes Bento

Bento # 127 – Boys in costumes Bento

Happy Wednesday all !


Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre Bento

Another Japanese Ogre bento, I made them for my breakfast, main ingredient is hard roll (cut into 2 pieces). Then I decorate Mr. Ogre  with angel hair pasta cooked with tomato sauce while for Mrs. Ogre her hair was  1 egg scramble eggs  with pinch of pepper. As usual, cheese and Nori for facial expression. I used cucumber for both Ogre’s horns and mouth and raspberry for Mrs Ogre’s cheek while Mr Ogre’s was carrot.

Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre bento

I might be bias but somehow I always found that the Japanese Ogre looks cuter than the Western Ogre …LOL

Happy Thursday All !

Bento # 117 – Working Bunny Bento

I was doing some cleaning and suddenly inspired to create this working bunny bento. Nope my cleaning was inside the house and  I did not have  garden with fall leaves that need some sweeping but since it is still autumn, why not make it as a theme.

Below please find the Working Bunny Bento, the bunny is holding a broom made of sausage to sweep some fall leaves made of kani stick, egg sheet and cheese.

As for the side dish for the bento I made stir fry mushroom and lotus root  in oyster sauce with some  snap beans and carrot in maple leaves shape.

Bento # 117 – Working Bunny Bento

La…la…la…la…la…la… Happy working song… ala Smurfs

Bento # 67 – Spiderman Bento (Superhero series)

Bento # 67 – Spiderman Bento

Another superhero series bento, and today is the spiderman.

Same as the batman, I only make the mask and place it on top of bed of spider web made of rice noodle. The mask was not as neat as I expected because it was rather difficult to stick the Nori on the red pepper (run out of mayo and use condensed milk and they were very thick and sticky).

What’s in the box

  • A piece of red pepper decorated with Nori and cheese -> spiderman mask
  • Half portion of instant rice noodle tossed with the seasoning
  • A small portion of brown rice decorated with cheese
  • A portion of egg omelet -> cut into thin slices + carrot flowers
  • Steam brocoli
  • A small portion on Korean fried anchovies with chilli -> bought from Korean mart.

Happy Friday…

Bento # 55 – Angry Bird Bento

Father : Why do they need a catapult, they are birds, right?

Daughter : These birds … they don’t have wings

Father : No wonder they were so angry…

The above was a conversation  between Detective Danny Williams (aka Danno) with his daughter Grace in an episode of  Hawai 5 O series.

Today I present you the healthy angry birds bento as breakfast.

Bento # 55 – Angry Bird Bento

What’s in the box :

  • 1 piece fried mantou (chinese steam bread) – for the yellow bird
  • 1 piece Kiwi – for the pigs
  • 2 strawberries – for the red birds
  • Nori and cheese and carrot for eye brows, eyes and beaks.

Happy Wednesday !!!


Bento # 42 : My Birthday Bento

It was a busy day and I did not plan to make any Bento  so when a good friend ask me this morning whether I plan to make   Birthday bento as a tribute to my own Birthday I answer her No.

But then when I receive my favorite cheese cake from Mr.Bigger, I can’t help myself not to decorate it, especially when it came with a pack of cute little candle.

So here I present the simple Birthday Bento for myself.

Bento #42 – My Birthday Bento

What’s in the box

  • 1 slice of rare cheese cake from The Marquis
  • Confetti for the Bday hat & Nori for the eyes & mouth
  • 1/2 pack of M&M
  • Few apple gummy
  • Few teddy bear marshmallow

It was kind of challenge to decorate the cheese cake because the surface can be easily ruin, and this was my 3rd piece as  the confetti keep scattering to the other area and stain the surface with their coloring. I can’t let them smudge the face so have to start all over again.

Nevertheless I am quite happy with the result, it looks cute and for sure taste yummy….


Flower omelette

Flower Omelette

It is a bright and peaceful Sunday morning and such beautiful day  must start with a good breakfast. So what I did was,  whisked 2 eggs and  season with a little salt and pepper,  and pour them  into tamagoyaki omelette pan. Add a stem of fresh parsley, arrange them nicely at the center and then add the sliced cheery tomatoes.

Cook on low heat until the egg cooked evenly.

Voilaaaa…. a simple way to beautify your omelette.

Happy Sunday !!!