Bento # 174 – Doraemon Bento

This is my second attempt making bento with Doraemon theme.

Same as my previous Doraemon I use meat patty for Doraemon’s face then decorate it with cheese, nori. And yes I have to insert Doraemon in between my bread before I eat it.


Bento # 174 - Doraemon Bento

Bento # 174 – Doraemon Bento


Bento # 174 - Doraemon Bento2

Sharing Doraemon decorative roll cake that I baked last week and yes I draw  Doraemon in piece of paper as reference before I draw it on my cake.

Doraemon roll

Happy Friday all…

Wish you have a great weekend ahead.




Bento # 163 – Snoopy Bento

Snoopy is a good friend and had been with me for many years and I always wanted to make Bento with Snoopy theme.


After months of waiting, finally Snoopy got to have his place in RCC gallery of bento 🙂

Did you notice they are 2 Snoopy in the bento? Well the one in the white box was not my creation, it was bought out chocolate bun from nearby bakery and I think it will be good to add him as snack. My Snoopy is made of rice decorated with nori (eyes, ear and mouth) and black bean (nose), for the side dish I have crispy chicken katsu and sauteed baby potatoes. By the way  the red things in the upper box are jambu air aka rose apple.

Bento # 163 - Snoopy Bento

Bento # 163 – Snoopy Bento

Happy Monday all…

Bento # 154 – Hinamatsuri Sandwiches Bento

Dear friends, thank you for liking my HInatmatsuri Bento, this really inspired me to create another bento with the same theme.
Today bento is another version of Hinamatsuri theme using bread and cheese.

Bento # 154 - Hinamatsuri Sandwiches Bento

Bento # 154 – Hinamatsuri Sandwiches Bento

Happy Mid week all !!!

Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

I am following the manga series about the Genji and Heike war and today’s Japanese warrior bento were the copy of the warrior’s look during those ancient times with its heavy armor and helmet.

This is a birthday bento for my friend as well as  neighbor, Ms. HH.

Ms. HH is a very high spirit, smart  and hard working corporate lady and today theme is just perfect for her because she always love to tell herself and her team to do their best… Ganbate…Keep up the spirit.

Bento # 151 - Japanese Warrior Bento

Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

Happy Birthday Tiek, I hope you enjoy your bento…

Bento # 149 – Rabbit in love (Valentine Bento)

It’s Thursday… It’s Valentine day.

Happy Love Day to all of you.. Wish you a lovely day with beloved one.

I remember fondly my younger days,  the excitement on Valentine days, the chocolate, the flowers, the cards (talking about card, do people still send Valentine card now a day? Or e-card? or email? or just text message in What’s up, BBM, YM, LINE, I wonder…?)

Now the older and wiser me  do not fuss that much anymore about  Valentine Day as a special love day, I believe that love have to be expressed in everything we do, every possible moment that we have, not to wait for one special day in a year. Everyday should be a Valentine day 🙂

Bento # 149 – Rabbit in love (Valentine Bento)

A full of love breakfast for myself…

Bento # 147 – Flowers sandwich Bento

Another post of my breakfast today. The internet had been acting crazy for the past few days so I tried to catch up with my lack of posting in this week.

I always admired those bento blogger whom made their own custom made colorful bread from scratch and always envious on the many interesting theme they can created with it. Since I am not a baker nor have any talent in that area, I am so happy to be able to find  purple bread made of Japanese purple sweet potato.

Today sandwiches were cheese and blueberry jam sandwiches.  I try to play and create the flowers using 3 types of bread, the normal white bread, pandan bread and the mentioned above sweet potato bread.

I cut round holes on the top layer of my sandwiches using round cookie cutter and then fill the empty holes with balls made of bread  (a technique that I saw  from bento book). You may noticed that the white flower petals were roundish like balls while the purple one is just standard shape (the bread was rather thick so I decided to just keep them into round shapes).

Bento # 147 - Flowers sandwich Bento

Bento # 147 – Flowers sandwich Bento

It’s February and Valentine is coming…. so this can serve as a good idea by sending your beloved flowers for breakfast 🙂

Love is in the air …

Bento # 141 – Pretty Poodle Bento

My breakfast today, a small size toast decorated with cheese to resemble Poodle 🙂

Bento # 141 - Pretty Poodle Bento

Bento # 141 – Pretty Poodle Bento

I made the poodle’s hair from chicken floss and decorated it with ribbon bento pick.

Happy Tuesday all 🙂


Bento # 136 – Christmas Bento for participation in CasaBento 2012 Christmas Contest

Today post is about my participation for Casa Bento 2012 Christmas contest.

Christmas Bento for Casa Bento Contest    Christmas bento for Casa Bento 2012 contest

Today bento featuring breakfast and lunch bento with the classic Christmas Character : Santa Claus and the deers.

For the breakfast bento I cut wheat bread into the shape of the bento box, layered it with peanut butter and decorated   the top with Christmas theme . For the Santa I decorate Cheese with mayonnaise and strawberry , while for the Rudolf the deer I decorate Cheddar cheese with raisin. The Christmas tree was made of pre-made icing sugar.

For the lunch bento I made the Santa from rice  mix with a little soya for the face then decorate it with beard made of white rice and then covered the body part with Kani stick for the red costume.  The Deers were made of Abura age stuffed with rice mix  with seaweed furikake and decorated with cheese and nori for the facial expression. I use black bean for the deer snout and cherry tomato for rudolf’s.

Merry Christmas  dear friends…

I wish you all a joyful festive season filled with tons of love and joy.

Happy Holidays too….

By the way this is a scheduled post therefore please expect slower response on comments…Thanks.

Bento # 135 – Lassie Bento

Anyone remember  the  movie featuring sweet and heroic Collie dog called Lassie? I think there are many version of Lassie movie since the black and white era until mid 2000 ish.

I remember before the cable/ pay tv,  I used to watch such kind of movie on Sunday morning in the local TV so I am trying to recreate the nostalgic memory by making a breakfast with the theme.

I try to arrange tomato angel hair pasta on top of wheat bread to make them looks like the long fur 🙂  After photo taking, I realized that there are some empty spaces and my Lassie seems to be lack of fur 🙂 Nevertheless, the breakfast is healthy and yummy.

Bento # 135 - Lassie Bento

Bento # 135 – Lassie Bento

This probably will be my last bento for year 2012 as starting Dec 17  I will be away for Christmas and Year end Holidays.

Happy Sunday All! Wish you all a festive Christmas and joyful holidays 🙂


Bento # 132 – Owl sandwiches bento

This is a late post of my weekend breakfast

Initially I did not intend to make them as bento but after I cut and stack them, somehow they looks great for bento and the idea of owl just pop out. So here it is…


Bento # 132 - Owl Bento

Bento # 132 – Owl Bento