Bento # 119 – Mokona Modoki Bento

Any CLAMP manga or anime fans should be able to recognize the name and the look of this creature 🙂

Yes, today I am featuring Mokana Modoki, they are the two of what so called rabbit looks  like creatures from CLAMP. The actual name of the White Mokona is Soel while for the Black Mokona is Larg (though they were never called in their real names and often addressed themselves as just Mokona).

Bento # 119 – Mokona Modoki Bento

My first introduction with Mokona was in the Magic Knight Rayearth series (the white Mokona)  and then later when I read XXXHolic series , which is also by  CLAMP’s sisters, I know about the black Mokona.

My Black Mokona in today bento was not really black. The intention was to decorate it with Nori to get the whole black color but come to think of it, unlike on rice, too much Nori on bread might not be too wise when it comes to the taste so I modified the plan a bit by toasting the bread to get a warm golden brown color instead of black.

The two Mokonas were made of cheese and cucumber sandwiches, decorated with spam for the ears and feet, nori, cherry tomato, cheese and cucumber.

Happy Friday All !

Happy Bento Party Friday 🙂






Bento # 114 – Pretty Funky girl bento (Pretty Girl Series)

Another Pretty Girl series bento and today I am inspired to create a pretty funky girl bento.

I took the advantages of the colorful fussili pasta for her hair and add bento picks for hair accessories. For side dish : Boiled Chikuwa + beans and a small portion of sweet and sour chicken and a small portion of pasta salad.

Happy Friday all!

Bento # 114 – Funky Girl Bento

This is also my submission for #bentoparty friday 🙂

Bento #112 – Pretty Asian Girl Bento (Pretty Girl series)

After my earlier post on Pretty Blonde Girl Bento , I decided to make this Pretty Girl theme as a series.

Today I am inspired to create the Asian Girl, I cut the Nori for the hair and eyes and use red chilli for the lip. I did wait long enough for my rice to cool hence the nori was a bit wrinkle due to the moist from the warm steam (however it create kind of natural look to it, so it is blessing in disguise).

And for the side dish I have 2 grilled Gyoza and Yasai Yasai no nikumaki ( vegetables wrapped in thinly sliced meat) which I learn from Bento book ( will post about the Yasai no nikumaki separately).

Bento #112 – Pretty Asian Girl Bento

Happy Friday all.

@Bentofamily, this is my submission for our weekly #bentopartyfriday.

Bento # 107 – Duckies Bento

Today bento was not exactly as what I initially plan them to be.

Initially I wanted to make a Piyo Piyo (yellow duck) bento and the plan was to rolls the rice balls into the powder of egg yolks from hard boiled eggs. However I under cook my egg and  have no time to boiled another batch so I decided to go with the white rice balls.

I also plan to make a tulip rolled in tamagoyaki but seems that my tulip was not really blend with the egg rolls, still can see some empty space in between the carrot and egg. A note to myself to practice and improve on this part.

For side dish : soft boiled eggs, tamagoyaki, and chicken katsu and apple salad and jellies.

Bento # 107 – Duckies bento

Happy Friday all.

This is my submission for #bentopartyfriday 🙂

Bento # 94 – The Flash bento (Superhero series)

A late post of Friday Bento.

Guess who is this week super hero? Dr. Barry Allen in his red costume aka The Flash.

Bento # 94 – The Flash bento

I made The Flash mask from red chilli and ham and the lighting logo from cheese. Side dish was fried chicken popcorn and fruit salad.

Bento # 90 – Oolong the pig bento

Any Dragon balls fans here? Is you are one , then you can easily spot and tell who is the piggy on today bento.
Today bento theme was based on the request from a friend of mine Mr. B.

It is a character from Dragon ball comic/anime, the pig called Oolong, he is a shapes shifting and perverted pig who met Goku in the beginning of the story and they becoming friends in the quest finding the Dragon balls.

Bento # 90 – Oolong the pig bento

I am too lazy to make the whole pig, so I only made the head from ham and smoked beef. While for the underwear I use pink kamaboko, use the white part for white underwear and the pink part for the small ribbon.

Summary of what’s in the box : Rye bread sandwiches with eggs salad + steam broccoli + hard boiled eggs and radish star. Yum…

Happy Friday all !

To #bentofamily :  Overall ingredients was more than 5, so can’t submit it for #5forfriday bento 😦