Bento # 171 – Little mice bento

A rather gloomy Tuesday and I decided to turn my lunch into bento despite the lack of ingredients. Situation  like this  remind me to make a good use of many of my new and un-used bento tools/accesories.

Bento # 171 - Little Mice bento

Bento # 171 – Little Mice bento

Today lunch consist of 2 rice balls decorated with cheese and nori and bento picks for the hats, few pieces of the freshly baked blueberry almond cake decorated with bento picks (music notes) , a portion of mushroom stir fry and few pieces of fried chicken wings.

Separately I pack a set of similar bento for my friend too Ms. HH, she is a big fan of mushroom and I hope the lunch can cheer up her up.

Happy Tuesday all.

Early Chirstmas Present to myself

Christmas came early and I am giving myself an early Christmas present , some bento related items.

What I got for myself  :

  • 4 pieces of Bento boxes , the classic Japanese style  with Kimono pattern,   my very first aluminium bento box in Totoro theme , a set of the  Oyaku Kuro Demekin (the gold fish which actually come in a set of 2 boxes, the standard as seen in the photo and another smaller one inside) ,   also  Little pink pig Onigiri box
  • 3 sets of bento picks
  • 1 box of wax paper.

I am so excited and started to wonder how my holidays or Christmas theme bento will look like in those lovely boxes.


October bento tools shopping report :)

Went out for bento tools shopping over the weekend and here is the result 🙂

I had been eyeing on the Marie set with puncher since few months ago but I decided not to buy until  I managed to organize my  new kitchen and bento tools. But you know what? Today when I decided to buy, the price had been increasing by almost USD8, previous price that I remember was IDR 175,000/ approx USD 19 ( exc rate 1 USD = IDR 9,250)  and today price is IDR 259,000/approx USD 27.3  ( exc rate 1 uSD = IDR 9,500).

Yes bento tools can be rather expensive here because they are limited and only few store imported them in addition with the weakening of local currency.

Anyway I am happy with my shopping loots, I got new puncher set with the 2 molds (I love the puncher because it have few unique shapes that will come in handy), it is always easier to rely on puncher rather than cutting them using scissor.

I also got  three new sets of veggie/cheese cutter, new stock for Onigiri wrap, and a set of animal shape stencil sheet and 3  new sets of  bento picks


On top of that I also got 2 new bento boxes, the pink piggy and the 2 Tier what they said as Sponge bob bento box (but on top of color , nothing much of it resembling Sponge Bob, but since I like the color then its ok to buy). I also bought 2 sets of disposable bento boxes in the case if I make bento for friends, they both come in M size and the paper lunch box come in a set of 3 while the pink one with transparent cover come in a set of 2 pieces