Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown Bento

Ever since I start baking I find myself don’t have enough time  to do both, however I am not forgetting and let go of bento especially after giving another private bento course to Mrs. HS yesterday I am encouraged to get back to my bento.

So today I woke up earlier and made my self a healthy bento  where everything in the box are steamed (kind of take a short cut to cook everything at the same time).

Anyone recognize the character in the bento without looking at the title?

Yes  I meant to make Cony the moody rabbit and Brown the chubby bear from LINE sticker. However after placing everything in the box I found myself getting rusty and not able to cut the nori the way I wanted it resemble Cony’s expression so I gave up and took out the nori puncher and just use the basic shape for the eyes and others resulted to Cony looks more like other ordinary rabbit and Brown looks more like Rilakkuma.

Bento # 173 - Cony and Brown bento

Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown bento

By the way the way I bake  Cony And Brown roll cake  last Tuesday, posted at Rabbitcanbake

At least the roll cake resemble the character better than the bento.

Cony and Brown mini rolls

Nevertheless making both bento and roll cake were fun.

Psst… after looking at the bento, I felt they were too healthy and I was craving for something fried or grilled  so by the noon time, I swap my lunch and the bento went to my neighbor Mrs. HH  😀

Happy Friday all!

Wish you have a great weekend ahead.


Bento # 130 and Bento #131 – Deco Sandwich

I am getting ready for my holidays and upon checking my files I noticed I have few unpublished bentos that I made for friends.

I am trying to mix and match different type of bread, I think the technique is called as deco sandwich. In this box I mix the white bread with wheat bread to make bear and penguin.

Bento # 130 - Deco Sandwich bento

Bento # 130 – Deco Sandwich bento 

Christmas is approaching, in this box here is Santa Papa across the word from different nation. I believe a lot of father in this world will take an extra effort to dress as Santa for the sake of their beloved child. After all it is Christmas 🙂

Bento # 131 - Santa Papa bento

Bento # 131 – Santa Papa bento

Happy Tuesday all!


Bento # 103 – Bear bento

It’s been a while since I post a bento for #bentopartyfriday, so despite today is a holiday, I still make bento for lunch.

I am trying my new stencil sheet to make a bear face and decided to use the same old ingredient, pork floss .  I felt that the result was not really satisfactory and this  kind of stencil sheet is more suitable to use with finer or powderly ingredient such as denbu or certain type of furikake.

Nevertheless Lunch bento for today #bentopartyfriday

Bento # 103 – Bear bento

For side dish : Egg tamagoyaki, seared short ribs and few cherry tomatoes.

Happy Friday all!!!


Bento # 80 – Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuma Bento

Intoducing Kuma chan, the newset member of the family. I got him last week from the local teddyhouse store (, love his fuzzy wuzzy  texture.

I know it was kind of lame to called a Bear as Kuma (which in Japanese means Bear too) but I just love  “Kuma”, sounds  strong, warm and friendly.

Kuma Chan

To celebrate Kuma joining the family, I decided to make another Bear theme Bento with Kuma as the model.

Tadaaa…. the fuzzy wuzzy Kuma using chicken floss.

Bento # 80 – Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuma Bento

What’s in the box :

  • 1 portion steam rice – shape to make Kuma’s face
  • 2 tablespoon steam rice – each tablespoon to  make Kuma’s ears
  • 1 tea spoon steam rice – shape to make Kuma’s nose
  • 80 – 100  gr chicken floss – cover the steam rice with chicken floss to get the fuzzy wuzzy texture
  • Nori – cut into round shape for eyes and nose
  • Egg tamago with red spinach
  • Lettuces, cherry tomatoes and carrots

Wish you all a good week ahead !

Bento # 75 – Meat soboro Bear bento

A late post of yesterday lunch.

I decided to take  little break from making charaben (cute bento) and  lunch will be a very standard Japanese bento  topped with meat soboro and Iri tamago.  Meat soboro is easy to make and considered as staple in bento making, one can make and  stock them in freezer as bento stash. Iri tamago is the name for the  egg soboro.

And you know what? At the end of it, after I topped the rice with the meat soboro and iri tamago, I can’t help myself but to add few cheese to decorate it, resulted to Bear (Kuma) bento.

Bento # 75 – Bear:Kuma bento

This is what I make for my friend Tiek, for her lunch today.


Bento # 68 – Teddy and Tiger pancake Bento

Bento # 68 – Teddy and Tiger pancake bento

A beautiful Sunday, start the day with cute tiger and bear pancake.

What’s in the box :

Bento # 57 – Rilakkuma Bento

Bento # 57 – Rilakkuma Bear Bento

Today breakfast was pancake

Upon returning home after church, lunch with friends, and saw stack of pancake from this morning , I kind of tempted to convert them into character Bento. And the idea of making Rilakkuma Bear was inspired by my friend Ms. NF whom happen to post Rilakkuma Bear in her BB picture profile, upon seeing the bear and noticing the pancake color really  resemble the bear, I cant help myself and start taking out my bento tools.

By the way… for those who don’t know, Rilakkuma is a Japanese bear character , the name itself is the combination of “Relax” and “Kuma”, Kuma means Bear. I believe Rilakkuma is a Bear whom like to relax .

What’s in the box :

  • 2 piece of pancake for the bear
  • Cheese  and Nori for eyes, ears  and nose
  • Few cherry tomatoes and gummy candies

It was blessing in disguise that I was multitask doing some dish washing when I cook the pancake, a little late in flipping the pancake resulted to nice brown color for a tan Rilakkuma.

Happy Sunday.