Bento # 172 – Bunny and Teddy Bento

Yesterday I  received  bunch of baso goreng (Indonesian name for Indonesian version of fried meat ball which combine chicken , prawn and corn/tapioca flour and other seasoning) from my BFF’s mum.

Yes my friend Ms. K ‘s mum is famous for her delicious baso goreng and I am so delighted when she told me that her mum’s is making them and I got my share too. I decided to convert some  into bento before I really finish all those yummy baso (which in the process of bento making I already devoured about 5 pieces) 😀

Tada… I  present you Bunny and Teddy which were made of Baso goreng.

Bento # 172 - Bunny and Teddy Bento

Bento # 172 – Bunny and Teddy Bento

Cut the baso into 2 for bunny’s and teddy’s face and some more for the ears then decorated them with cheese.

For the side dish I have bunch of veggies, a piece of steamed chicken breast, mum’s famous stew egg and some blanched carrots cut into flower shape and ebi shape.

Also some Japanese purple sweet potato cake and berries for dessert.

Happy Monday All!


Bento # 133 – Afro hair girl Bento (Pretty girl series)

Another pretty girl joining the pretty girl series bento. Today girl have a very unique and yummy afro style hair.

Bento # 133 - Afro hair girl

Bento # 133 – Afro hair girl bento

I did not cook the bento, it was made of bought out  steam chicken rice from nearby eating place (Indonesian Chinese style called “Nasi Tim”), my part merely to rearrange the minced chicken on top of the flavoured steam rice to resemble the afro hair  and decorate them with nori and turn it into this pretty girl.

For the side dish I have the also bough out fried meatballs (Baso goreng).

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