Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown Bento

Ever since I start baking I find myself don’t have enough time  to do both, however I am not forgetting and let go of bento especially after giving another private bento course to Mrs. HS yesterday I am encouraged to get back to my bento.

So today I woke up earlier and made my self a healthy bento  where everything in the box are steamed (kind of take a short cut to cook everything at the same time).

Anyone recognize the character in the bento without looking at the title?

Yes  I meant to make Cony the moody rabbit and Brown the chubby bear from LINE sticker. However after placing everything in the box I found myself getting rusty and not able to cut the nori the way I wanted it resemble Cony’s expression so I gave up and took out the nori puncher and just use the basic shape for the eyes and others resulted to Cony looks more like other ordinary rabbit and Brown looks more like Rilakkuma.

Bento # 173 - Cony and Brown bento

Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown bento

By the way the way I bake  Cony And Brown roll cake  last Tuesday, posted at Rabbitcanbake

At least the roll cake resemble the character better than the bento.

Cony and Brown mini rolls

Nevertheless making both bento and roll cake were fun.

Psst… after looking at the bento, I felt they were too healthy and I was craving for something fried or grilled  so by the noon time, I swap my lunch and the bento went to my neighbor Mrs. HH  😀

Happy Friday all!

Wish you have a great weekend ahead.


11 thoughts on “Bento # 173 – Cony and Brown Bento

    • Totally agree with you 🙂
      However I am quite lucky to have a long break, starting next week due to the coming Hari Raya (moslem New Year) which is a big thing in Indonesia, the whole country will be slow down embracing long holidays, government office will be close, no commercial business transaction, no school, no traffic jam, and many more things to enjoy which equivalent to one week holidays. Yay….

  1. I am so happy everytime got surprise from ms rabbit..
    I am Mrs Herryanti Herman… the lucky neighbor ^.^

    Ms Rabbit, i am write the comment in bahasa yah…
    (Kalau mau translate boleh…)

    Posting foto bento di Path, temen aku comment…
    ‘Gilaaa… tega gitu makan makanan sebagus itu…’
    Me : Ya iya lah, judulnya ajah makanan yah buat dimakanlah
    Dia : siapa yang buat…
    Me : Rabbitcancook
    Dia : hahahaha… pembohong! Rabbit can not cook!!
    *nah loh kenapa galakan dia… yg temennya Rabbit, aku apa dia coba…*
    Me : lu buka ajah google, ketik tuh rabbitcancook untuk bento dan rabbitcanbake untuk baking
    *Dia sibuk sendiri terus comment lagi…
    Dia : wowww, keren…. ada miniyooon.. heemm.. kalo doraemon ada ndak…

    Tampaknya ada PR baru Mei… ntar aku kabarin yah… dia ultahnya kapan.. nda inget aku.. hahaha..

    • Hello neighbor, thanks for stopping by and comment. Glad you that you like and accept the bento so I can have my burger and fried chicken instead:)
      Aku nda translate deh, soalnya kurang seru komunikasinya.
      Hahaha doraemon akan muncul di minggu depan, ditungga saja postingannya 😀

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