Minions attack

A photo post of minion roll baked by the rabbit  at

Minion in box

Anyone notice the cute little round creatures in cupcake size? Well they were Japanese deco steam cake the rabbit been wanting to make  for long and upon seeing the famous Singapore Bento master , Ms. Shirley from littlemissonigiri   posted hers, the rabbit decided to copy Ms. Shirley’s idea.

And of course rabbit’s steam cake were not as good as hers. as you can see there were only 2 cakes in the photos which mean the rest of the batch were not good enough to be displayed :) nevertheless they taste good and rest well in rabbit’s belly.


Happy mid week all….


17 thoughts on “Minions attack

  1. The roll cakes are so cute! Your minion cakes too! even better looking than mine! haha you have the patience to draw the eyes and the grey specs. How did you color the eyes white?

    Sorry, I just realised that I missed out an ingredient – sugar when i was typing out the recipe earlier on on my blog. I have already updated the post and answered your query too via comment reply 😉

    • Hahaha…no wonder, I thought yours was less sweet version 😀
      For the white color for the eyes I use the cookie icing sugar (sold in tube) and then add the black dots using edible gel.
      Thanks for your reply, will hop over to check on your reply.

  2. ヽ(´▽`)/ OMG!!! Minions!! We can never get enough of them….

    ( ゚∀゚)アハ~ Ba~ ba ~ Ba~ Babababa~

    Wonderful and amazing creation and as always….have a lovely weekend ahead, Cheers!! 😀

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