Bento # 170 – Animal Paw Bento

Today I spent my morning considering  whether I should busy myself doing baking or making bento and finally I decided to make some bento since it’s been ages since the last time I made one.  However I kind of running out of idea and stock of food, now a day my fridge consist mostly fruits, fresh cream, butter and other baking ingredients.

So upon ransacking the fridge I still have few leftover dishes from last night dinner, a quarter  of roasted duck,  small portion of fried rice and white steam rice.  So I simply reheat the whole things and place the rice into my cute baking mold and voila,  animal paw bento for lunch. Running out of green veggis so I take the short cut by adding some silicon baran for nicer color 😉

Bento # 170 - Animal Paw Bento

Bento # 170 – Animal Paw Bento

This bento was inspired by my last week baking on marble butter cake where I got to use my new and cute silicon mold.

Basic marble6

Happy Thursday all.Cheers.


10 thoughts on “Bento # 170 – Animal Paw Bento

    • Waow Fae, I wonder did you ever sleep since you always the first on whom comment in most of my post be it the noon or late night my local time, two thumbs up 😉
      About the English, have to thanks mum for signing me and my brothers for private English course by Indian tutor since we were young and thanks Dad for buying us whole set of Disney encyclopedia and any set of English books (including business book, even when we were just 6-8 years old) which trigger the curiosity and interest to learn the language.
      Then during College I went to a Philippine Business School where English is a compulsory, and of course dating boyfriend from different nationality did help to improve the language skill 😉 LOL

  1. – Well, my gratitude to such forward thinking Parents of yours, because of what they provided to you, we have Rabbit Can Cook and Rabbit Can Bake!
    – You are 14 hours ahead of us (SF). My ‘normal’ blog activities are an hour in the morning (11~12) and after 7PM while I am watching TV. I’m known for muti-tasking!
    😀 )))

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