Mille Crepes ala RCC

I try to make Mille Crepes (learning from Youtube), and below is the result.

Mille crepes ala RCC   Mille ala RCC

Mille crepes 35 layers   Mille layers inside

It looks good and taste yummy and I spent an hour to just make the 35 crepes 🙂

DSC07678  DSC07681  DSC07682

The only learning point I need to improve in whipping the cream. Somehow after left them in the fridge for few hours to set, the cream kind of soaked into the crepes and left it dry (if you noted on the lower part layers compare to the upper part).

Anyone ever try making this and can share some feedback? Cheers.

19 thoughts on “Mille Crepes ala RCC

  1. It looks lovely! As for soaking in – were all crepes of the same temperature as you put cream between them? Having every layer of the same (rather cool) temperature helps.

    • Hello Fae, i am using the crepe recipe for this. Hahaha thanks for noticing me on it. Would love to see yours, i believe with your expertise they will turn out better than mine 😉

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