Bento # 166 – The Mermaid Bento

This is the bento I made for my submission to BentoandCo 2013 bento contest, unfortunately  and embarrassingly I did not make it even to the final which mean I have to sharpen my skills and try harder next year.

In compliance with contest theme of Pasta, the mermaid bento was made with 3 types of pasta, for the base was brown butter tagliatelle and then some aglio olio shell pasta and lastly wholemeal spaghetti for the mermaid’s hair.  Eby fry for the body and spam for the face and body.

Bento # 166 - Mermaid Bento

Bento # 166 – Mermaid Bento

Ganbateeee….. practice more for next year 😀


24 thoughts on “Bento # 166 – The Mermaid Bento

  1. This is definitely worthy of top twenty. It is such a shame that it is the panel that judged the top twenty. I think if it was left to public vote, yours would have easily made it to the finals. 🙂

    • Awww…. thank you being so sweet and kind. I think one of the judging point is the photography and I think I don’t put enough effort to make the photo more interesting. I go through the winner and the finalist and they were great in both, the food style as well as photo 🙂

  2. When I saw the photo in the ‘Reader’, I thought, Rabbit should use this for the contest. You have a good attitude about trying for the next time. I wonder how other contestants’ looked. Would you be able to know?

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