Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento

Down with flu and comfort food is porridge but then flu and porridge won’t stop me from having fun with my food. So today I present you my very first bento made out of porridge.

I added steamed corn and spinach and soya sauce to decorate my plain porridge, also something looks like bear steamed cake (bought from nearby bakery) to beautify my bento.

Bento # 164 - Porridge Bento

Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento


20 thoughts on “Bento # 164 – Porridge Bento

    • Hahaha yes, that’s the reason why I bought it at first place, it turn out to taste good too and it had blueberry jam inside, it’s a good treat to lift up my spirit 🙂
      And thank you for the get well soon wishes

  1. Oh I sympathise! I’m trying to make sure my sore throat and slight fever doesn’t develop into a full-blown flu. Some lovely porridge with those adorable sweetcorn flowers would do me good too! Hope you get well soon. You food looks like it’s full of great vitamins. Hopefully they will do a quick job of getting you up and about really soon xx

    • Thank you for the kind thought, I am feeling okay now. Yes vitamins is the best and I went back to mum over the weekend for the healthy and nutritious herb soup which really did a great job 😀

    • Hello, yes I am fully recovered now. The Kokeshi set bento box was something I purchase from online store and I really love using them because the shape is very convenient to create anything, served as blank canvas. You may want to check my Pretty girl series bento, they all were made using the same box 🙂

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