Bento # 162 – A 3 Ryou Bento

Yesterday I read a manga called Kaze Hikaru  , the story is about about  a girl whom disguised as a boy to join the Mibu Roshi (later to become the Shinsengumi, to protect the shogun in the chaotic time  on the Bakumetsu Era around 1863 A.D)  to avenge the death of her family.  In the first volume of the manga there was a chapter about when the poor group were finally received their allowance of 3 Ryou .  At the time , one and a half Ryou was enough to last a family of 5 for a month.

The Ryou (gold coin) looks like egg tamagoyaki to me so based on the story I created the 3 Ryou bento (which was my dinner yesterday)

Bento # 162 -A 3 Ryou Bento

Bento # 162 -A 3 Ryou Bento

After receiving the allowance, the samurai is feasting with his wife and brought her some nice hair ornament. They have roast duck (though in the story it was mentioned that good quality fish is a real treat during the time) for dinner as well as some sweets for dessert. And I think it is only proper to use the Kimono Murasaki Long box for this occasion 🙂


8 thoughts on “Bento # 162 – A 3 Ryou Bento

    • Hello Chefconnie, thank you for stopping by and comment so that I can find yours too.
      Wow your daughter is so cool and fantastic, as anime and manga fans I did try to take Japanese course many many years ago but I did not continue and end up continue reading and watching those with English translation. I hope your daughther will like my bentos 🙂

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