Bento # 161 – Happy Sailing Day Bento

Initially I made this bento for participating in Bento&Co contest but after looking at the photo I felt it was rather lame and too simple and not meet up to the standard.  So I decided not to send it for participation and will try to make others.

Nevertheless I really like this bento,  A bunny happily sailing and enjoying  sunny day.

I use 2 type of pasta, the wholemeal spaghetti and the standard spaghetti  to create the wave/sea,  sausage for the boat and bunny bento pick.  A fried quail egg for happy sun and carrot for seagulls and fishes. And of course the Indonesia flag to represent the nationality of the bunny in the case she get lost in the sea.

Bento # 160 -Happy Sailing Day Bento

Bento # 161 – Happy Sailing Day Bento

But wait… what was that at the bottom of the sea? An ancient fish fossil? A sea monster lurking in the deep sea? Another Hollywood box office about monster attack?

Well I leave it to your imagination then 😀


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