Bento #157 – Easter Bunnies Bento

A late post of my Easter Bento, created and eaten on Mar 30, 2013 🙂

I’ve been planning to make at least one Easter theme bento since my last post on Doraemon bento and was a bit distracted with too many ideas scattered in my mind.  So last week ago when I received a surprise gift  of pair of very cute wooden set rabbit as well as a lovely spring theme cooking apron from Ms. Tiek, I decided to use the image of the rabbits as my bento.

The rabbits were made of fried rice decorated with carrot and nori and  together with it I add one sunny side up as some bitternut crackers.

Bento #157 - Easter Bunnies Bento

Bento #157 – Easter Bunnies Bento

Happy Belated Easter all…


25 thoughts on “Bento #157 – Easter Bunnies Bento

    • Hi BAM, thumb up for the speedy comment and thank you for your compliment. Somehow I do find the artist of me in bento and the thought of taking food carving did come across my mind because I found some bento artist did a great job in the fruits carving and other materials for their bento.
      Unfortunately there isn’t any special course/class in town on this particular subject , so I guess I have to learn by doing or from youtube and books. Thanks for the encouragement, now I am much more motivated that before and hopefully will be able to start the soonest 🙂

  1. Isn’t it lovely to receive surprise rabbit gifts? Your rice rabbits look very much like the wooden rabbit models. May ask how you got your rice to look so firm? Do you squeeze them into a mold?

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