Bento 156 – Doraemon Bento

Doraemon is my childhood fave character and first he was known as  Xiao Ding Dang  (Chinese name) due to mum buying me the comic book and video cartoon in Chinese  and only later when the local TV in Indonesia show the cartoon, I started to know his real famous name  Doraemon.

Doraemon is everything a child wish for, the adventures and the everything you need tools, the special magic pocket, the take-copter, time machine and many more. Even until now I still love to read Doraemon’s manga and watch the anime.

Today Doraemon was made of beef patties decorated with rice and cheese and nori. It took me longer than planned to made this because of the details required to create Doraemon’s expression. For the side dish were bunch of ceasar salad and egg tamagoyaki.

The extra Bento was delivered to my cousin Ms. LL 😀 she is not Doraemon’s fan but I am sure she appreciated  the fun 🙂

Bento # 156.1- Doraemon Bento  Bento # 156 - Doraemon Bento

Happy Thursday all 🙂

13 thoughts on “Bento 156 – Doraemon Bento

  1. Its called Xiao Ding Dang too here. But people know it as Doramon too. It isn’t as popular here in Singapore compared to in Japan.

    lovely xiao ding dang bento!!! 😀

    • Hello Melisa, Thank you for stopping by and comment so that I can find yours, I hop to your blog and really like the sweet treats from your kitchen.
      By the way very nice and cute avatar 🙂

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