Unpublished bentos

It’s been a while since my last post, I have to admit that I was slacking from my blogging and cooking/bento-ing making due to one and another reason.

While I was replying to your comments I kind of feel a bit guilty and embarrassed and touched  that despite my no posting , many of you still put an effort and to visit and comment. Thank you for your patience and trust… I am looking forward to get back to my kitchen and blogging the soonest I can.

In the meantime I am sharing some of the unpublished  bentos  I made last year. They were mostly simple normal bento (not charaben/kyaraben aka the cute character bento)

Bento #  - FLowers bento  Bento # 100 - Pork Charsiu

  Pratice Bento1

Practice Bento5




28 thoughts on “Unpublished bentos

  1. Yup agree! always looking forward to your bento post, but hey, we understand. Things sometimes get really busy. Work has been rather overwhelming for me too. 😛

    I love the floral bento!! the tamagoyaki side dish looks so interesting too!

    • Hmmm…. my guess you like the last one because it was the only kyaraben/charaben version compare to the others formal version which made the piggy have no cute competitors 😀

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