Economical Fried Bee Hoon

Fried bee-hoon or vermicelli is something common in Asia , you can easily order a plate of stir fry vermicelli with veggie or with beef, seafood and more. In Indonesia bihun goreng is also a popular dish which can be easily found in many local eating place , from street seller  to family restaurant. Most of the time the bee-hoon are sold as plate of stir fry dish  at standard price of IDR  10,000 street price  up to  25,000 per plate (depending on  type of seller as well as the stir fry ingredients) or as part of  economical rice package where the bee-hoon is stir fry with cabbage or some greens only without any meat nor egg with it.

I called today fried bee-hoon as economical bee-hoon because it was the name that I noted at the seller signage in one of the food court in Singapore  mall . Yes they are the plain stir fry version with some cabbage and soya sauce only without any other ingredients . For the decent amount and the very affordable price  at SGD 1.5 / portion (but that was about few years ago by now probably the price is already increase), it was really economical. I bought a pack for my supper back at hotel and they taste good 🙂

Below please my economical bee-hoon ala RCC.

Economical Bihun Goreng

I use the glutten free bee hon by Thai Manufacturer (Mama brand) , a pack of total 400 gr dried bee-hoon contain 8 portion of each 50 gr, purchased price at IDR 16,500 (approx. USD 1.7). Initially I only soak about 100 gr of them and upon seeing the amount I decided to add another 50 gr (which was a mistake) and resulted to such big plate.

The other ingredient is use is with  small size  organic cabbage,  purchased at IDR 6,800 (approx. USD .70) and I only use 1/3 of the cabbage for my stir fry. Well adding up the whole cost plus some seasoning (soya sauce, sesame oil, some oyster sauce, sweet soya sauce, mushroom bouillon)  it was economical indeed because I can keep this  portion for one day meal,  lunch and probably dinner 🙂




14 thoughts on “Economical Fried Bee Hoon

  1. I like your new theme Rabbit! Can you tell me what is sweet soya sauce? I see this a lot in Indonesian cooking. I use both light and dark soya sauce in Chinese cooking but not familiar with sweet. Take care, BAM

    • Hi BAM, thank you for liking my new theme.
      About sweet soya sauce, you are right, we called it as “kecap manis literally translate to sweet ketchup (though it got nothing related with tomato ketchup) and it is one of the must to have item in Indonesian’s kitchen. It has a sweeter taste (due to the addition of palm sugar) compare to the normal soya sauce or even the dark soya in Chinese cooking which is more to the the salty taste instead of sweet. The texture of this sweet sauce is thick almost like syrupy and much darker compare to the salty soya sauce and one can use this to replace brown sugar in cooking. On top of using it in the cooking, it also commonly use as additional seasoning in Indonesian soup or cracker/ satay dipping. Hope this explanation help 🙂 By the way if you are keen to try the Indonesia sweet soya sauce, you can cossider to look for the ABC brand or Bango brand (Bango is a bit sweeter than ABC and the satay seller here lobe using it to for satay grilling and dipping). Cheers.

  2. I love fried bee hoon but mine never tastes as good as the ones from the hawker stalls! I will try adding the sesame oil and sweet soya sauce next time as you have done.

  3. I love fried bee hoon too but the singapore style ones are so oily, so I avoid them cause its too heavy for my diet 😛

    this one looks really nice. and ABC sweet sauce is super nice. I remembered that I bought a bottle when I came back from Indo

    • Hahaha…I have been careless with my diet recently so your comment serve as a gentle reminder to me to eat healthier food. Yes ABS is a popular brand here 🙂 Remember to ping me next time you visit Indo 🙂

  4. i love fried bee-hoon! i like mine loaded with meat haha and mushrooms too ^^ but cabbage and carrots can be just as good! and i love your new theme.. very pretty, really suits your blog ^^

    • Hahaha thanks… with meat and other stuff it won’t be economical anymore 🙂 But yes, sometimes I load mine with lots of seafood too. Thank you for liking my new theme 😀 hugs…

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