Bento # 153 – Hinamatsuri Bento

Hinamatsuri or known as Girl’s Day is approaching and I almost forgot about this special day if not because Miss. Shirley of  Little Miss Onigiri posting about her special Hinamatsuri bento course in Singapore.

Thanks Shirley  for the indirect reminder 🙂 And if you are living in Singapore and interested to learn about bento, you can check the information here at her blog

During Hinamatsuri which also known as The Japanese Doll Festival held on March 3rd, family with daughter will display the  set of Japanese dolls  on stacks of platform. There are rules in the setting of the dolls, the top platform is for the emperor and empress and followed by 3 court ladies on the second platform and then  5 musician on the third platform. On the forth platform they will be 2 minister (left and right minister) and then 3 samurai on the fifth platform. The last 2 platform (fifth and sixth) will be displaying assorted miniatures of the palace furniture.

I do not have enough skill nor patience to create  all the characters so I decided to go for the Emperor and Empress only for my bento.

Below I present you my Hinamatsuri lunch bento featuring the emperor and empress, their face were from ham decorated with Nori, while their Kimono were from egg sheet.

Bento # 153 - Hinamatsuri Bento

Bento # 153 – Hinamatsuri Bento

I use higher temperature to get some brownish texture on the egg  for the emperor ‘s robe and I add some corn pepper to get some red motif for the empress’s kimono. In case if you wonder, the bottom part as background was fried rice 🙂

Happy Girl’s Day all …





25 thoughts on “Bento # 153 – Hinamatsuri Bento

  1. Oh this is sooo pretty!!!

    Thanks so much for the mention and linking up! gosh! Am glad that I can get to see your hinamatsuri bento!!!

    Have some leftover rice, heheh, maybe I will make a fried rice bento too! muacks!

    • Thank you Shirley, coming from you really mean something, you are the bento master 🙂 Yup I went to yours and peak on your hinamatsuri fried rice bento, looks adorable and healthy and for sure yummy 🙂

    • Hello there, it’s been a while since the last time I heard frm you. Thank you for liking my new layout 🙂
      Yup I made bento for myself and practicing for my future daughter/boy (if any) 🙂

      • Yeah, there’s some problems in the family so haven’t really spent that much time online.

        I don’t why why but I always think you already have kids even though you keep correcting me 😦
        Think it’s the unconcious association of bento making moms or something haha

      • OH I see… hope everything goes well in the family.
        LOL… yes most people who don’t know me will thought of me as a mum …because of those bentos… so no worries…

      • Hahaha yes… would love to see your bento again…but then family and life should come first and bento/blogging come later.
        Take your time and take care… 😀

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