Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

I am following the manga series about the Genji and Heike war and today’s Japanese warrior bento were the copy of the warrior’s look during those ancient times with its heavy armor and helmet.

This is a birthday bento for my friend as well as  neighbor, Ms. HH.

Ms. HH is a very high spirit, smart  and hard working corporate lady and today theme is just perfect for her because she always love to tell herself and her team to do their best… Ganbate…Keep up the spirit.

Bento # 151 - Japanese Warrior Bento

Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

Happy Birthday Tiek, I hope you enjoy your bento…


14 thoughts on “Bento # 151 – Japanese Warrior Bento

    • Hahaha…. you are right…they were more to sweet and tasty looking rather than cute.
      It was a challenge to me to make a fierce or scary looking bento character, tried before but I end up changing them back to cute… 🙂

  1. Thank you so much Mei… You really know how to make someone feel special.. ganbate, cia yo, tetap semangattt (using triple t, that’s my trademark 😉

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