The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Thank you to Jeny of for this award.


Quoted from Jeny that “a blog`s asset is the readers” I’m glad to see more people out there like, follow and continuously give positive and constructive feedback to my post which mean you really spent time to go through my post and I truly appreciate it. And today Valentine’s day  is just perfect for me to tell you how much you mean to me, how your friendship, love, support had bring me this far.

THANK  YOU to you all , my friends, my readers 😀

This award is rather simple, just post about it and then nominate other 14 bloggers and pass this on. My apologize if I did not nominate up to 14 because I want to save some name for other award.

And my nomination goes to …

Tonettejoyce of

Noina of

Katharina of

Genie of

Adriana of

Please  visit their blogs and enjoy the great posts they have in there…

Thank you.



10 thoughts on “The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

  1. Congratulations to your well deserved award and thank you so much for thinking of me! It is so kind of you to nominate my blog for the “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award”. This is so special and a great honour to accept your nomination. I will write about your award within the next days.
    PS Sorry for my late reply, unfortunately I have been off-line for a longer period…

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