Bento # 143 – Cars Bento

A busy morning and I don’t have much time for sophisticated bento, so I just mix seafood furikake in the rice and use sushi old to shape them.

The plan is to cut egg omelet into fish shape (as seen in bento book) but then I realized I don’t have fish shape cutter and cut them using knife (which is doable) will consume more time.  So change of plan and switch to cars by using  veggie cutter and voila ..cute little yellow car on top of each rice onigiri.

I decorate the cars by adding orange wheels from kani stick. The rest of those in the box were yesterday bought out, 2 pieces of pork and shrimp balls (each cut into 2) and 1 piece of putu ayu (Indonesian traditional steam rice cake with shredded coconut on top).

Love the nice flower shape 🙂

Bento # 143 - Cars Bento

Bento # 143 – Cars Bento

Happy Monday all!

Wish you have a great week ahead.




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