Bento # 139 – Birdie bento

Anyone remember the rice cake bento that I made in the earlier day?

Bento # 47 - Three little girls Bento

Well today is another Bento with the same ingredients (they were an Indonesian traditional dish called Lontong sayur that I bought at nearby eating place). Lontong means  rice cake , and sayur is veggie. As you can see from the photo, the rice cake have few ingredients such as chilli fried tempe (Soybean cake), chilli nuts and chille potato sticks (underneath the rice cake).

Lontong sayur  come with a gravy of chilli coconut milk cooked with jackfruit (I put the gravy in separate thermal flask and it was not in the photo.

Bento # 139 - Birdie bento

Bento # 139 – Birdie bento

Cut the beak from carrot  and then cut nori with scissor to make the wings and the feathers on the head. (what do you call the feather on top of bird’s head in English?)  I know in Indonesia it’s called “Jambul” but I am not sure how to call them in English 🙂

Happy Friday  all.


8 thoughts on “Bento # 139 – Birdie bento

    • Hi Yen, sorry for late reply. Thanks for your kindness and concern, yup the flood this year are really bad but thanks God we are living in the free flood area, so we are all okay, just grounded for few days at home and been enjoying days at nearby CP mall 🙂
      I hope you and your family are well as well 🙂

    • Hi BAM, thanks a lot for your concern and good wishes, some part of Jakarta is still flooded and in recovery, hopefully everything will be back to normal soon regardless the prediction of heavy rain and another flood prediction by Jan 24 😦

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