Bento # 137 – Little Birdie Bento

My friend Ms. Tiek, set me a target  of 250 bentos in 2013 in her New Year greetings. Hmmm… I am not sure on why 250 but instead of questioning her I just embrace the challenge. Hopefully by end of 2013  I will be able to post my #386 bentos (136 in 2012 + 250 in 2013).

Today bento is a late post  of my yesterday lunch, few homemade bitterballlen  placed on top of small portion of aglio olio angel hair pasta.

Bento # 137 - Little Birdie Bento

Bento # 137 – Little Birdie Bento

I love the breadcrumbs texture , they made the impression of soft furs of  just hatched  birdie and just right theme as the beginning of my 1st bento in 2013.

I also add some  bonito flakes to enhance the look of the bird nest.

Cheers 😀


15 thoughts on “Bento # 137 – Little Birdie Bento

  1. Nice to begin the year by setting a blog related resolution! Good luck on hitting 386th bento this year.

    looks like you are off to a good start. This bento is really cute. And you even made a ‘nest’ for the birds.

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