Bento # 136 – Christmas Bento for participation in CasaBento 2012 Christmas Contest

Today post is about my participation for Casa Bento 2012 Christmas contest.

Christmas Bento for Casa Bento Contest    Christmas bento for Casa Bento 2012 contest

Today bento featuring breakfast and lunch bento with the classic Christmas Character : Santa Claus and the deers.

For the breakfast bento I cut wheat bread into the shape of the bento box, layered it with peanut butter and decorated   the top with Christmas theme . For the Santa I decorate Cheese with mayonnaise and strawberry , while for the Rudolf the deer I decorate Cheddar cheese with raisin. The Christmas tree was made of pre-made icing sugar.

For the lunch bento I made the Santa from rice  mix with a little soya for the face then decorate it with beard made of white rice and then covered the body part with Kani stick for the red costume.  The Deers were made of Abura age stuffed with rice mix  with seaweed furikake and decorated with cheese and nori for the facial expression. I use black bean for the deer snout and cherry tomato for rudolf’s.

Merry Christmas  dear friends…

I wish you all a joyful festive season filled with tons of love and joy.

Happy Holidays too….

By the way this is a scheduled post therefore please expect slower response on comments…Thanks.


25 thoughts on “Bento # 136 – Christmas Bento for participation in CasaBento 2012 Christmas Contest

  1. Seriously, the deers are made of cheese? I thought it looked like tofu!
    Seems like I need to get my eyes checked haha.

    Happy holidays! And keep sharing your bento’s with us!

    • Ops…my bad, maybe I did not state it clearly, the deers made of cheese were those on the breakfast version(smaller box). And no worries, nothing wrong with your eyes, the deers in lunch bento (bigger box) were made of abura age (tofu) 🙂
      Wish you a great an blessed 2013 ahead 🙂

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