Bento # 135 – Lassie Bento

Anyone remember  the  movie featuring sweet and heroic Collie dog called Lassie? I think there are many version of Lassie movie since the black and white era until mid 2000 ish.

I remember before the cable/ pay tv,  I used to watch such kind of movie on Sunday morning in the local TV so I am trying to recreate the nostalgic memory by making a breakfast with the theme.

I try to arrange tomato angel hair pasta on top of wheat bread to make them looks like the long fur 🙂  After photo taking, I realized that there are some empty spaces and my Lassie seems to be lack of fur 🙂 Nevertheless, the breakfast is healthy and yummy.

Bento # 135 - Lassie Bento

Bento # 135 – Lassie Bento

This probably will be my last bento for year 2012 as starting Dec 17  I will be away for Christmas and Year end Holidays.

Happy Sunday All! Wish you all a festive Christmas and joyful holidays 🙂



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