Bento # 132 – Owl sandwiches bento

This is a late post of my weekend breakfast

Initially I did not intend to make them as bento but after I cut and stack them, somehow they looks great for bento and the idea of owl just pop out. So here it is…


Bento # 132 - Owl Bento

Bento # 132 – Owl Bento



7 thoughts on “Bento # 132 – Owl sandwiches bento

  1. Very clever! It was out of the blue!? I cannot help referring to examples of other’s bento when I make one. But then my kid only 4 so he won’t finish all the bread…wasted..

    • Thank you… and yes I can understand your dilemma because sometime without realizing I also pack too much stuff into my bento and hence I have to finish it later as snacks. It might be a challenge for kid though 🙂

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