Bento # 126 – The Eggs incident Bento

Chicken or Egg? Or probably Egg or Egg?

Today bento idea is not mine, I saw this picture in my nephew’s BB profile and somehow I think the idea of having egg’s family to watch in a shock on a broken egg is quite interesting.

Bento # 126 – The Eggs Incident Bento

Hmmm I wonder what they have in their mind… shocked? Dismayed? Surprised?

Well..for sure the little egg looks as if he is almost burst in tears.

By the way, I stuffed the egg shaped rice with some minced pork so they are ready to consumed as what it is.

Happy Tuesday.


26 thoughts on “Bento # 126 – The Eggs incident Bento

  1. I feed my 2 yr old daughter rice by making it into egg shapes, just the way you have done….except that no faces are done…. lol….. it is really sweet to see them have that.

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