Bento # 123 – Popsickle Bento

Any popsickle fan here? Today I am treating all reader with  2 popsickles, the corn flavor and the citrus flavor 🙂

Bento # 123 – Popsickle Bento

For the corn popsickle it is self explanatory, rice mix with corns while for the citrus flavor one, I mix rice with shredded kani stick.  For the side dish : deep fried chicken strips , pasta salad and raspberries.



16 thoughts on “Bento # 123 – Popsickle Bento

    • Hello, so sorry for late reply. I did not do anything extra to make the rice stickier. After mixing the rice with corn and kani, I shape them with cling wrap and insert the stick afterward and press rice into the stick when they were still wrapped to ensure they shape intact and firm and it works, they did not fall apart when I lift them. Hope this explanation helps.

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