Bento # 121 – Teru Teru Bozu Bento

Teru Teru bozu is something Japanese children will make  out of white cloth/tissue paper and cotton and hang nearby the window when they wish for sunny weather,  which is often before a school picnic day. And nope they are not ghost dolls despite they resemble the ghost dolls made at Halloween. Teru in Japanese means sunshine and bozu is a Budhist monk and literally it means “shine shine monk”, that might explain the bald head ? 🙂

Today bento featuring 2 Teru teru bonzu made out of rice. They both  are still  apprentice ,therefore they are on duty together to ensure today weather is bright and shinny.

Bento # 121 – Teru teru Bozu Bento

I also stuffed the teru teru bozu with ume inside, and for the side dish a piece of home made chicken katsu, steamed broccoli and baby asparagus, cheese and few raspberries.


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