Bento # 120 – Bunny and Piggy Spa Outting Bento

Have I ever mentioned that I am a spaholic? Well I am and the great thing for living in Jakarta, you can find good spa almost every part of the town ranging from the standard economical up to the high end luxurious one. Of course one should choose wisely  regardless the many available option. I am a bit paranoid when it come to this  because getting into the wrong place, you might end up with your photos spreading in the internet (I think it happen few years ago where they were some sick people placed hidden camera in spa place (not sure which country) and the  embarrassing photos were spread widely.

I love to go to the spa with the traditional Javanese oil massage with aromatheraphy for relaxation to ease the tense muscle and stress relief , followed by scrub or body mask. I also love to go to  Korean spa in town (I am glad a friend of mine told me about this spa and I am hooked forever) , it started with sauna at a traditional design sauna room  and then followed by body scrub using a special glove to get rid of dead skin cells followed by massage with fresh milk or honey , the spa owner who is a Korean lady said this kind of treatment called  as “Temiri”. Any Korean reader here who can verify ?

Anyway enough of me babbling about spa, those prelim is to explain the theme of today bento, Ms. Bunny and Mr. Piggy on spa outing.

Bento # 120 -Bunny and Piggy Spa Outting Bento

Ms. Bunny look blissful and happy with her seaweed mask , she even have her hair treatment  (I try to create the look of a towel wrapped around her head) however Mr. Piggy was kind of lost, he is not a spaholic and he was kind of confused with his volcano mud mask  (I try to create another expression for Mr, Piggy however he end up looking confused/freaked out?)

About the food itself, Ms. Bunny seaweed mask  is shredded cassava leaves cooked in curry coconut milk (the Indonesian name is “Singkong tumbuk”) while Mr. Piggy mud  mask is actually the “beef rendang sauce”. And nope I do not cook those “mask” dishes myself, bought them from the Padang restaurant. Eating at Padang restaurant is kind of a rather unique experience and it have many variety of food I will post about this separately.

Lastly I did cook  the 2 pieces of veggie fritters  , simply whip a small portion of cabbage , carrot and onion with flour and egg and deep fried them.

Happy Monday wish you all have a good week ahead.


14 thoughts on “Bento # 120 – Bunny and Piggy Spa Outting Bento

  1. Hiii..
    Don’t you mind informing me the name and address of the Temiri spa the one u mentioned ?? I’m kinda interesting and I am now on my way to jakarta for business trip. Thinking of that when I have time, would love to visit the spa center.. Thanks for your adv

    Best regards,

    • Hello there, the name of the spa is Beauty, phone (+62 21 5204428) located at Senopati Street No. 77, Kebayoran Baru area.
      At a glance it look like a residential house with many cars parked in front of it.
      There are many spa in that area ranging from city spa to the hi end spa, but I love this because of the reasonable price and unique service.
      Just walk in and told the girl at the receptionist that you want to a Temiri spa package, and if you have time, ask for the one combined with facial (after the sauna and body scrub).
      Good luck, hope you enjoy Jakarta.

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